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Posts published in December 2006

Suspect arrested in death of Humble “Good Samaritan”

Police arrested a suspect in the shooting death of Steven Jackson who authorities termed a “Good Samaritan” after he followed a thief in a gas station hold up.

Police believe Keith Hines, 40, robbed several gas stations and shot Jackson. Hines is charged with capital murder and two charges of aggravated robbery. Police believe Hines is responsible for a string of gas station robberies that began in September. He was caught after an anonymous tipster identified Hines from photos taken from a surveillance camera during one of the robberies. The anonymous caller will collect $20,500 in reward money from Crime Stoppers.
Hines was already on parole for two charges of unauthorized use of a vehicle in 1987. He was sentenced to 45 years and was on parole until 2035.
Hines worked for Access and Road Service Unlimited where he helped stranded motorists.
Hines was arrested without resistance at his home in Kingslake Forest off Beltway 8 where he lived with his girlfriend.