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Posts published in February 2010

East Aldine District recognizes Partners at Awards dinner

NORTHEAST — The East Aldine District took the time to review the accomplishments of the last year, and to announce goals for the coming year, at an Annual Awards Reception & Dinner held last Friday night, Feb. 5th. About 100 persons were in attendance, as hosts David Hawes, Exec. Director, and Clyde Bailey, Chairman, thanked the District’s Partners for their help through this year, and awarded them glass statues in recognition of their work.

In addition, Hawes took the occasion to review the history and success of the district, mentioning that since its inception in 2001, the income stream from sales tax revenue has gone from a few hundred thousand dollars, to $3.4 million last year. All of this money, he explained, is returned to the district in ways that improve the lives and safety of those living here.

A complete 2010 Report to Stakeholders was presented to those attending the dinner and meeting. Copies of this are available from the District office at 5202 Aldine Mail Route. Also, a summary of the major points will be presented in a future Northeast News issue.

In general, Hawes presented progress and goals in the following area:

• Water & Sewer Infrastructure Projects
• Mobility & Transportation Projects
• Parks & Green Space Projects
• Environmental & Urban Design Program
• Business & Economic Development Program
• Security & Public Safety Initiatives
• Facility Development Planning

As part of the evening’s program, Hawes and Bailey presented “Strategic Partners” Awards to those who have participated and helped in the community in the last year.

These went to Capt. Paul Cordova for Public Safety; Janis Jefferson and Fiona Jones and staff from the Harris County Veterinary Services; Sylvia Bolling of Aldine YOUTH for Community and Youth Services; Dr. Stephen Head of Lone Star College-North Harris for Education; Bill Townsend of North Houston Bank, a part of U.S. Bank, for Business; and Shirley Reed for Volunteer of the Year.

In addition, a special Chairman’s Award went to David Hawes from Chairman Clyde Bailey, for the outstanding leadership he had given to the District in the last 9 years. In turn, Hawes thanked his staff and shared his award with them as he presented them to the audience.