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Posts published in “Day: March 9, 2010”

Chamber Forum on Talent Management explores dynamic new business approach

GREENSPOINT – The Houston Intercontinental Chamber (formerly the North Houston Greenspoint Chamber) held a dynamic and entertaining Forum and Luncheon last Thursday, that focused on the subject of “Talent Management” and variations on workforce deployment.

Three speakers covered various aspects of workers in today’s businesses. Jill Silman, of Meador Staffing, spoke at the morning Forum session on the topic of “Leading Across Generations.” She developed the topic of eliminating conflict and improving productivity in a multi-generational work environment.

In the second Forum session, J. O. Dravis, of Dravis Management, spoke on “Succession Development and Planning,” and how to plan your business and develop your workforce to retain and cultivate key personnel.

The final speaker at the luncheon was C. J. Coolidge of Administaff, who presented an arousing and at times amusing topic, “Harnessing Profit with the Modern Workforce.” Speaking about his own success in business, he emphasized that we must embrace the new Gen X and Gen Y workers, and let them motivate themselves in a way they understand and respond to.

In a book he authored, he speaks of an “organic” business model that has replaced our old “mechanical” models. Innovation and creativity are the keys to success today, and they must be felt, not taught. He says we must redesign the Business Model to include employees that value relevance, uniqueness, and focus on what matters.