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Posts published in May 2011

East Aldine District to start work on Water service for Inwood Phase II

NORTHEAST– East Aldine District hosted a meeting last Tuesday, May 24 at 6:30 pm at Escamilla School, to inform homeowners in the Inwood Place Phase 2 area about details of their new water service.
East Aldine is working with the Harris County Public Infrastructure Department, to bring city water to about 100 homes in the area that have had wells until now.
New water lines will be built on Hartwick and Allwood Streets, and homeowners will have the opportunity to connect to them. However, they will have to agree to abandon their present wells, because the city is mandated to use surface water instead of underground sources, to reduce subsidence.

After the homes are connected to the new water lines, they will become customers of the City of Houston Water Department, paying reduced rates. More information is available from East Aldine’s Richard Cantu, 281-595-1220.