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Posts published in June 2012

New Chamber of Commerce formed in North Houston

NORTH HOUSTON– A new chamber of commerce has been formed by Chris Sears, a business coach and former real estate agent for 17 years.

According to Mr. Sears, the new chamber is Northeast Area Chamber of Commerce, formed by him and accredited by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce association 2 months ago.

Sears told the Northeast News that there are currently 55 members in the chamber, and its focus is on small businesses, providing them with resources for their activities.

Membership in the chamber comes with a free phone app for your computer or smart phone, and a free website. A mobile version of this website costs $30 per month, he said. Other benefits of the chamber membership include business coaching.

Membership in this chamber starts at $360 per year, and depending on number of employees in your company, has levels at Silver $900, Gold $2400, and Platinum $5000. Sears claims that you will receive benefits equal to your membership in a two month period. More information is available at 222.thechamber or 832-308-3403.

Sears lives in Atascocita with his wife and four boys, and says his goal is to make a difference in people’s lives. He has functioned as a mediator and consultant to other chambers in the past. His work is based on three tenets, to “generate commerce, embrace culture, and build community.”