Who’s the Celebrity?

Can anything more newsworthy occur at Worsham Elementary? Well, with new Principal Norma Leza at its helm, Worsham has an added layer of celebrity-status.

On August 13, 2001, the first day of school, Principal Norma Leza was interviewed on campus by Good Morning America.

Norma Leza’s heroic climb from migrant worker to college graduate with two Master’s degrees is a powerful testimony for all.

With a spirit of inclusiveness, Norma embraces Aldine Independent School District’s 2001-2002 Vision of Producing the Nation’s Best Students by daily imbuing students and parents with her “CAN DO, WILL DEMONSTRATE ACADEMIC AND SOCIAL EXCELLENCE MOTTO!”

Principal Norma Leza begins the school day with her curbside greeting of staff, parents, and students. Next, Principal Leza visits the classrooms and further challenges students to excel before retreating to her office to handle other administrative duties.

“I want my students, families, and staff to know that they are high achievers who will make a difference and I applaud their best efforts!” says Principal Leza. She places the spotlight on both the academic and social excellence of her students.
Hurry, you probably want to get an autograph from Principal Leza and her students!