Rep. Kevin Bailey’s committee to respond to terrorism

The Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Pete Laney has issued interim study charges for House Committees to examine over the next year and to prepare legislation to deal with any problems they identify.

Laney has asked the House Committee on State Affairs, of which northside Representative Kevin Bailey is a member, to help the state prepare for any possible terrorist threats.

The Speaker’s directive to the Committee says that committee members should “Gather information related to the security of state owned buildings and facilities, public and private communication systems and electric generation and transmission facilities.”

In addition the Committee was told to “Review government regulations and business practices to determine whether legislation is needed to protect life and property and to detect, interdict and respond to acts of terrorism.”

Representative Bailey responded to the Speaker’s charge by stating that “all elected officials are aware of the serious threats that have been made against our country.

We must do all that we can to ensure that our public and private buildings are safe and secure and that all Texans can feel a sense of confidence and safety when going about their business.”

“I appreciate Speaker Laney’s confidence in our committee” Bailey said “and we will take this charge very seriously and do what we can to protect all Texans from senseless acts of terrorism.”