Diana Valdez

5-25-57 • 6-22-99

It’s hard to realize that you are gone
I sit here and think of you from dusk to dawn.
You left me so sudden I still don’t understand.
You were always there when I needed a helping hand.
I always knew that someday God would take you home.
I just didn’t expect to be left alone.
Everyone seems to be handling it very
Although I’m quite inside I just want to yell.
I always catch myself wanting to cry.
God you took her, I want to know why.
I know she’s not suffering and resting in peace.
I wish you wouldn’t have gotten sick because
I didn’t want her to leave.
When days are gloomy she made them bright
When it was dark she made me see light
She always wanted the best for me
I didn’t listen back then but now I finally see.
She used to take me places to eat. When I liked
a boy she made sure we meet.
Through all my problems she would help me solve.
Even if I didn’t want her to be, she was always involved
She helped me when I was down. She’d make me
smile and take away my frown.
She’d listen to me complain and cry
I wish she was still here and that’s no lie.
The way I feel for her will never fall apart.
GOD please tell HER she has a SPECIAL place in my HEART.
Love Always,
The Valdez Family
Daughters: Denise, Savannah, Alexis
Sons: Daniel and Issac
Son-in-Law: Danny
Favorite Nephews: Patrick and Eric
Mom: Maria
Dad: Alex
Brothers: Willie, Anthony, Alex Jr., Ricky
Sisters: Elizabeth, Mary, Connie
Numerous nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles
May you rest in peace!