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Posts published in “Day: May 6, 2003

Changing for summer

This is my favorite time of the year with the wonderful smell of honeysuckle in bloom, gardeners reaping the benefits of their labor, birds gathering straw and bugs for their nest and the many varieties of birds feeding on the two large stumps out back and kitchen window ledge.

Wondering what the little sparrow birds are with a red top, red throat and chest? A jar of chowchow for the first one to correctly identify that little bird.

Had my first hummingbird of the year yesterday. The Purple Martins are back too; we do enjoy watching them.

I had another first Friday; celery with crunchy peanut butter spread on it. Attending the Baytown Chamber of Commerce Expo, the lady at the old folks booth across the aisle was munching on one and I hollered over, “Whatcho eating?” She told me and offered me one. I moseyed on over and ate it up, good too. I even bought some celery this morning, already had the peanut butter.

Had my first fried green tomatoes for the year last night. They were good as always.

I’ll be making chowchow real soon, wanna help?

While on a visit to Vaughan’s nursery in Channelview last week getting my Cow Horn pepper plants and saw a Georgia Rattlesnake plant. I bought it out of curiosity. I don’t normally grow watermelons because they take up so much ground. Besides, the seedless variety has me spoiled rotten.

As you probably know, I am from Georgia and proud of it.
Can you believe the state of Georgia is on their fourth flag? The state legislature just approved a new one. My my my!!!

They change flags more than most banks change names. They are trying to please everybody and offend no one – that’s hard to do.
I have my old Georgia flag hanging in this room. I need to get a Lone Star flag and be done with it.

I did get my Confederate Rose in the ground and it is looking good, it’s my first one.

One of the few things I plant because you cain’t eat it.

My gardening guru from Highlands gave me a Seven Sister Antique Rose and it is yet to be in the ground. That is another one of those things that you cain’t eat but should compliment the back yard with its pretty looks when in bloom.

Do you know what a Confederate Rose or a Seven Sister Rose looks like? They are one of the finer things in life as you grow older and learn to appreciate even if you cain’t eat them.

Time for a REAL rodeo

Well, we’re back in the saddle again! I hope you all enjoyed last weekend. Wasn’t it a great couple of days? I was “forced” to go to Lake Charles and visit with my youngest son. Of course the free crawfish boil didn’t hurt any!

With the war in Iraq over, I don’t have a lot of political fodder, but I think we had better keep our ears and eyes wide open cause those scalawags in Austin are in session and you know that can’t be good! Now I’m not sayin’ that all politicians are bad, it’s just that it’s that 99% that make the other 1% look bad.

All seriousness aside, we do have the finest politicians money can buy! Maybe those folks should remember that” a closed mouth gathers no foot”, and, “never miss a good opportunity to shut up”!

After those folks in Washington and Austin get through with us, it reminds me of the old sayin’, “we are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse”!

Enough of pickin’ on those sweet, lovable politicians. I’m pretty sure you all don’t need my help for that.

So, it looks like we’re headin’ into a great summer. I guess I’ll have to read Charlie Farrar’s column to find out what to do.

By the way, for those of you who were askin’ about that new colt at the Rancho Pequito, well, he’s doin’ just fine and momma is slicked up real good. We’re gonna keep that name, “Toby’s Anthem”, since the little feller seems to like it a lot already.

I was excited to read about the Crosby Fair and Rodeo last week. I get the opportunity to meet with Luther Brady and the other Directors each year and we are very fortunate here in this area to have such a great bunch of folks to volunteer their time. Our Rodeo Committee is all volunteers, from top to bottom. In case you folks didn’t know it, our Crosby Fair and Rodeo is one of the best in Harris County. The only one as good is the Pasadena Rodeo. That other one held each year in Harris County is not really a rodeo.

A real rodeo is where you can drive up to the parkin’, usually on grass or sometimes gravel, and walk a short ways to the gate. You don’t have to take out a loan to be able to take the whole family and you have a really good ole time. That’s a rodeo folks!

Keep your eyes on this paper and put the Crosby Fair and Rodeo on your calendar.

I’d like to say how proud I am of our businesses in our area. Fred Salinas and his pards at Crosby Ford are really a great asset to our community. Their involvement shows that we finally have a great Ford dealer in the area.

I don’t want to forget our pards at Keating Chevrolet, either. They support a lot of community projects, also.

Of course I’d better not leave out Joe’s Barber Shop cause I want a good haircut when I see Joe Anselmo. And Crosby State Bank, well, they got all my money, but I really like those folks, too!

Maybe I’ll mention some others next time, cause it would take too long to tell about all our great businesses. But keep your buyin’ local whenever possible, it helps everyone.

I hear Toby whinnyin’, so I gotta go. Last one out, shut the gate, and I’ll be,

Just a Ridin’