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Posts published in “Day: August 12, 2003

NHG Chamber fetes Aldine New Teachers

By Gilbert Hoffman, Editor

CAMPBELL CENTER– The North Houston Greenspoint Chamber of Commerce held their annual Welcome to New Aldine Teachers luncheon last Thursday noon, with a full turnout of teachers and business community members that topped over 600 participants.

This annual event is one of the highlights of the Back-to-School activities that are currently underway at the Aldine and other districts around Houston. The first day of school for students is quite close, August 18th.

The Keynote speaker for the luncheon was Dr. Bennie Lambert, a motivational speaker from North Harris College, known throughout the country for his unique blend of humor, inspiration and real-world experience.

Dr. Lambert earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Baylor University, and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Texas A. & M. For the past several years, Dr. Lambert has traveled the country extensively, promoting higher education, excellence and success through training and development programs. He is Vice President for Student and Organizational Developoment at North Harris College.

Dr. Lambert emphasized his own career, with the thought, “Where would I be without a Teacher?”

Another idea he left with the audience was that the Difference in Great People, is that they 1. Show up consistently, 2. Show up on time, and 3. Show up with Homework Done. Simple lessons for teachers, you might say, that lead to success.

The emcee for the luncheon was Reggie Gray, who is marketing and promotions director for the chamber, and marketing director for Greenspoint Mall and several others in Houston. His wit and humor kept the event lively and enjoyable.

Dr. Nadine Kujawa, superintendent of Aldine schools, greeted the chamber members and the new teachers. She pointed out the size of the AISD, 11th largest in the state, and 111 square miles in area. There are 67 schools in the district, and 55,000 students.

Sponsors of the luncheon were the Aldine-Greenspoint YMCA, and several area Office Depot stores.

Entertainment was provided by local schools, including the Eisenhower Sr. High Show Choir, and the Carver High Dance Troop.

NORTHEAST NEWS Count the Bells Contest

Each week in August, the Northeast News will scatter lots of School Bells throughout its pages. To enter the contest, you must count all the Bells you find that look like those agove and enter the total on your entry blank for that week. Count the School Bells in all four issues and then send or bring your completed entry to:

The Northeast News
5327 Aldine Mail Route

Deadline for the contest is Thursday, August 28, at noon. If more than one entry has the correct total for all four weeks, the entry with the most correct weekly answers will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, a random drawing from the correct entries will determine the winner.


Northeast Houston embraces idea of National Night Out

Rosewood Civic Club was one of many area groups to throw a block party for the twentieth annual National Night Out Tuesday. Residents gathered to show that together they can stamp out crime.

Mayor Lee Brown, Mayor Pro Tem Gordon Quan, Texas Representative Senfronia Thompson, and city council members Carol Mims Galloway and Carroll Robinson were among the speakers who joined the festivities at Rosewood Park.

Quan recognized the Rosewood Civic Club with a certificate for their hard work on the park renovations and neighborhood evens. Galloway helped residents better enjoy themselves at the park Tuesday by giving everyone free mosquito spray. Thompson too praised Rosewood for their consistent work to improve the community. “Thank God you’re in my district.”

When Rosewood president, Lester Howard, introduced Mayor Brown, he mentioned that some have called him a lame duck mayor since he can no longer be reelected. Brown joked, “I keep telling everybody, ‘I ain’t lame and I ain’t ducking.” He went on to stress the importance of making crime prevention a part of every day. “When you have an active neighborhood, you have a better one,” Brown said.

Several local residents encourage everyone to get more involved in the community. Code enforcement officer Lester Howard Jr. discussed his efforts to keep the area clear of illegal dumping and abandoned property and cars. “I want the place where I grew up and stay to look nice. It starts with us,” Howard said. He asked everyone to report problems and help make Rosewood as nice as River Oaks.