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Posts published in “Day: April 6, 2004

Annual Special Olympics at Aldine stadium

Aldine ISD Board of Education President Dr. Viola M. Garcia, left, and Board Member Steve Mead, right, congratulate participants from the March 27 Special Olympics Track Meet. Dr. Garcia and Mead, along with Aldine ISD Superintendent Nadine Kujawa, presented athletes with their medals following their respective events.

U.S. Congressman Gene Green presents a congressional proclamation to Aldine ISD’s Tommy Piotrowski prior to the start of the Special Olympics Track Meet, held Saturday, March 27, at Aldine Auxiliary Stadium. Piotrowski organized the local event.

Bailey continues investigation of DPS labs

Representative Kevin Bailey, Chairman of the General Investigating Committee of the Texas House, working with other committee members has begunlooking at the operation of other crime labs in Texas. They have requested documents, records and information on the eleven DPS crime labs around the state.

The committee has requested five full years of internal and external audits for each location, standard operating procedure manuals for each location, written evaluations for each employee both current and former for the five year period, including people in management positions and all quality assurance and proficiency documents.

There have been recent allegations of procedural flaws, security lapses and poor record keeping at several of the state labs.

“I have serious concerns about DPS and their ability to oversee these labs,” said Bailey. “Clearly we’re going to have to hold hearings and ask them to come forward and give us their analysis of what’ s going on and explain any deficiencies found in the audits.”

The powerful General Investigation Committee that Rep. Kevin Bailey chairs may examine the activities of state departments, agencies, municipalities, counties and other political subdivisions of the state. They may also investigate any other matters the committee considers necessary for the information of the legislature or the welfare and protection of state citizens.

North Forest FFA sets record $34,810 at Livestock Sale

Smiley High School FFA held their 42nd annual Livestock Show and Sale last week, and auctioned over 40 animals. The total amount realized in the sale exceeded $35,000, most of which went to the Ag students for their further education, according to Smiley Ag teacher Bill Dodd.

The Grand Champion steer was raised by Howard Champaign, weighed 1000 lbs., and was purchased for $3800 by a buyers group, named Northside Group. This consisted of local businesses known for supporting the FFA programs at North Forest and Aldine, and includes North Houston Bank, Steve Mead and Component Sales & Service, Beasley Tire, Jed’ s Home Center, and Kane’ s Western Shop. Other major buyers included Franklin insurance, Melody Realty, Millenium Transmissions, BFI, Capitol Bank, Half Dollar Lounge, Mc-Cauley Lumber , and many other individuals and businesses.

A complete list of exhibitors, buyers, and sales is on page 5 of this issue of the News.

The FFA at Smiley, with over 30 students enrolled, continues a 42 year tradition, started in 1963 with the help of the Rotary Club. See box at right for today’s “Angels.”

Pictured is the Grand Champion Steer, raised by Howard Champaign at right. Northside Buyers group, LtoR, Kane’s Western Wear, Steve Mead, North Houston Bank’s Audrey Warren, and Bob Beasley.