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Gasoline for 2 cents a gallon, today’s prices…

Just think, another month and it is fall of the year. Time flies when you are having fun or so they say.

I ain’t been having fun as I’ve been playing plumber and working on the sink faucet trying to stop a leak. At least it was from the spigot and into the sink so no major clean up mess. Thought I might have to replace the entire faucet fixture and that would be a night mare trying to disconnect the lines and reconnect them. Seems to be too much of me getting under the sink, and I’ll swear the opening has shrunk over the years. Fortunately the leak was stopped by installing new rubber seals.

Had lunch with the old policemen this past week and one brought up conversation about a fellow coming back from Iraq in a week or so. He told of the price of gasoline was two cents a gallon and diesel was three cents a gallon over there. This same fellow who is coming back to the states and will be hunting with us soon; it should prove real interesting to listen to what he has to say about working over there and all.

An old friend from back home spoke of a labor of love tending to his recently incapacitated wife. I had to look up labor of love and found mostly “having a baby” articles. Using the definition: it said something like doing what you are doing for self satisfaction with no compensation or reward.

It could have read: “Like your growing tomatoes this year Charlie” because my crop was not worth a hoot.

It goes farther than that and deep down in the heart. The Mrs. asks me how difficult I thought it would be taking care of an incapacitated person, doing all of their chores in between coupled with my own.

Gave her a look and shook my head negatively in response.

We be blessed so let’s move on.

Hurricane Charley went through the Southeast with a huff and a puff.

Old brother in law in SC lives on the backwaters of a large lake there. He said they drawed the lake down in anticipation of the on coming hurricane (10 inches). I thought that was a grand idea of whoever is in charge of the dam on that water.

Too bad the engineers on Texas reservoirs don’t do that in preparation of heavy rainfalls upstream, etc. There has been enough flooding over the years that might have been eliminated if the water in our dams was lowered in time. What do you think?

Of course they don’t do flood control or so I read a long time ago.

Times change and so should those people’s thinking.

Or should they?

Old friend said happy hour is a nap.