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Local artist’s sculptures bring creative expression to Greenspoint Business Park

Two three-dimensional, contemporary sculptures, named Body Language and Time Piece, now adorn a public linear park near Greens Crossing Boulevard and Greens Parkway. The sculptures are part of the Greater Greenspoint Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone’s (TIRZ) commitment to match capital improvement projects with public art.
Unique in their own right, the rusted metal sculptures appear to defy the bounds of physics and establish a relationship between art and community. The sculptures serve as centerpieces for two of the four plazas located at the linear park, and showcase the newly-constructed, 600,000 square-foot business park owned by Liberty Property Trust. In addition to the public art, the park features meandering pedestrian walkways, extensive landscaping and special lighting as part of the TIRZ’s streetscape program.
The TIRZ, headed by Executive Director Sally Bradford, funded the project. “The public art plazas that surround the office and warehouse space bring creative activity to Greens Crossing’s office environment,” said Bradford. “By actively engaging the designers and developers, we work collaboratively to create unique places that revitalize our business neighborhoods and transform the way people see and experience Greenspoint.”

The art is by local artist Eric Ober of Ober Designworks. The sculptures are from Ober’s kinetic and human form series and were inspired by a number of life experiences, he said. This series continues at Greens Crossing’s linear park to showcase the area as a place that blends the arts with a viable location for business.
“Fine art creates a focal point for any community,” said Ober. “My diverse and specific style is designed to invoke thought and meaning through expression in the Greens Crossing area. The artwork also provides a landmark that creates an environment that the community will associate with quality and success,” he added.
Construction of the business park was completed in May 2007. To date, 215,000 square-feet of space has been leased, according to Joseph Trinkle of Liberty Property Trust.