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Posts published in “Day: April 22, 2008

Aldine Ratepayers file emergency motion to suspend water rate increase

By ARLENE NICHOLS Special to the NE News
Aldine Ratepayers Association (ARA) has filed a motion to suspend the effective date of a rate increase by Texas American Water. The motion was filed on April 14 with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in Austin.
“In just the last thirty days TCEQ approved the prior rate increase by Texas American Water and here they are back again requesting another rate increase,” said Rep. Kevin Bailey. “We believe we are justified in taking the rare step of requesting that the latest request for a rate increase be suspended so that we can have a hearing on the merits of the case prior to any increase in rates. It is very difficult to believe that they can justify another rate increase so soon.”
The most recent filing by Texas American Water requests a 34% increase for the company with an effective date of April 22. The emergency motion filed by ARA would suspend the rate increase for 150 days. In the filing ARA stated that there is no basis for allowing Texas-American to put rates into effect without a hearing on the merits of the case. This is especially true given the fact that many of its customers live on fixed incomes.

“I made a commitment to support area residents in their fight against the company and I am following through on that commitment. TCEQ has rarely suspended rate increases but we have a situation that calls out for them to use their authority to suspend this increase,” said Bailey. “If our request for a suspension is granted then we will have an opportunity to have a hearing on the merits of the case.”
Last year ARA contested a rate increase by Texas-American. The company had attempted to increase water rates more than 33% and sewer rates by more than 60% before Rep. Bailey organized area residents to mount a legal challenge against the company. After two lengthy hearings the company settled for a 13.6 % increase in water rates and a 27.2% increase in sewer rates.
Aldine Ratepayers Association was formed by North Houston residents so they could protest rate increases by Texas American Water. The group represents residents who live in several North Houston neighborhoods including Greenwood Village, Mary Francis, Colonial Hills, Aldine Meadows, Bergville, Bertrand, Kenwood and Stretner.
The East Aldine Management District, after receiving a request from Bailey, hired attorney Jim Boyle of Austin to represent area residents in the legal process. Boyle was the Director of the Office of Public Utility Counsel for the State of Texas before going into private practice in Austin. He is recognized throughout the state for his knowledge and abilities in public utility and administrative law cases.

Getting gourmet hospital food?

If you sod busters do not have a crop or a plant in the ground, you are missing the boat, tis the time to get’r done.
Have not planted the first hot pepper plant this year, there’s three in front that are left over from last year with peppers on them already. Matter of fact, I picked 34 pods of cayenne pepper last weekend and put another two pounds of jalapeno with it to made a batch of chowchow. Think about it, that many jalapeno and cayenne in 10 pints total think it will be warm?
You seen those Ped Egg Pedicure things? Been using one for over a month or so now and would not do without it no more than I can do without my water pic.
Apply a little pressure and push it back and forth, as it cuts both ways. No fear of cutting too deep or to in the quick. They really work, I have lost a quarter pound already.

Been trying to eat right lately and have discovered the best place to eat in town, cheap too. I know I am cheap but I am serious as a heart attack on this.
The restaurant on the second floor of San Jacinto Methodist Hospital is the place to get great food. Not going to see someone in the hospital, just going to eat.
The restaurant was previously operated by Marriott and has since been taken over by Sodexo that specializes in food service and facilities management.
If you eat the catfish, theirs are very good but I have sworn off the wormy things.
You can find me at the hospital most mornings with a bowl of oatmeal and the local daily newspaper as my place mat.
You are recommended to eat fish four times a week so when they have the codfish, you will find me there and the Mrs. too, if it is on a weekend.
Sound crazy? Maybe it does, going to the hospital to eat but you will get some exercise walking there as well with their parking, if you savvy.
Fresh fruit cups, some with yogurt. Already made salads and an open salad bar that charges by the pound. Some of the best-looking, large breakfast muffins you would want to see in the mornings but it takes will power to resist.
Here I am going to the hospital every day and taking the elevator. One of the nastiest things there is, is the first floor button at the elevator, going up or going down.
Good thing they have those hand sanitizer dispensers handy. The Mrs. says her company has them all over its building.
Are we becoming germophobic?