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Posts published in “Day: March 17, 2009

Greenspoint District offers incentives to apartments for crime prevention projects

The Greenspoint District Community Incentive Program (GDCIP) is the newest addition to an initiative aimed at involving the entire community in crime prevention.

GDCIP is available to apartments within the Greenspoint District boundaries and an application must be completed to qualify. The program will reimburse or make direct payments up to 110 percent for security improvements made as a result of a security survey and applied to the public right-of-way associated with the property.

“With more than 70 apartment communities in Greenspoint, it’s important that we work together on issues related to safety,” said Al Aranda, the District’s director of public safety. “We want to be a resource to our multi-family properties, adding value to their investment here. This program opens an opportunity to partner on projects that enhance the area and help prevent crime,” he added.

The GDCIP is based on the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). CPTED addresses physical features like adequate lighting, placement of access points and pathways, and maximizing visibility as ways to deter crime. For an apartment complex to be eligible, it must complete a CPTED survey along with other qualifications.

The new program is the District’s latest addition to a public awareness campaign designed to arm the community with information that can reduce the likelihood of being a victim of crime. Although the GDCIP targets the unique challenges of apartment communities, the District also works with local law enforcement and the com-munity to educate employees and residents on crime prevention techniques, earning the organization awards from both the Houston Police Department and the Texas Crime Prevention Association.

The application deadline for GDCIP is June 15, 2009. For details on qualifications and to download the application packet, go to or call 281-874-2131.

North Harris students named to All-State bands

Nine Lone Star College-North Harris music students earned positions in the Texas Community College Band Directors Association All-State Symphonic Band and All-State Jazz Ensembles.

The students were chosen through a competitive audition process that began last fall and then participated and performed at the 2009 Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention in late February.

The LSC-North Harris students receiving the All-State Jazz Ensemble awards are Robert Allcorn and Rick Castro. Students earning positions in the All-State Symphonic Band are Veronica Eisterhold, Chris Felicitas, Ramon Gutierrez, John Maldonado, Brandon May, Michael Pantoja, and Rebecca Wayne.

The 2009 Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention features workshops for band, orchestra, vocal, elementary and college educators; concerts by the finest musicians and two exhibit halls filled with booths representing all facets of the music education industry.

For more information about LSC-North Harris band programs call, Dr. Brack May at 281.618.5644.

Lone Star College-North Harris is located at 2700 W.W. Thorne Drive, one-half mile south of FM 1960 East, between Aldine-Westfield and Hardy Roads. For more information about the college, call 281.618.5400 or visit:

Former Ambassador of Qatar visits HCC Northeast

HCC Northeast students listened in as Mr. Chase Untermeyer, former Ambassador of Qatar enlightened them on the day to day operations of the White House.

Untermeyer served as the Ambassador to the State of Qatar from 2004 to 2008 and as Plenipotentiary in the administration of President George W. Bush. Untermeyer also served as Special Assistant for Presidential Personnel in the administration of President George H.W. Bush.

In a presentation titled, “The Call to Public Service: Life in the West Wing,” Untermeyer detailed how Washington works and expressed the importance of learning history if considering politics.

“The study of history is so valuable, because it gives you an extra perspective. I study history because it tells me things that I didn’t know and affirms what know,” Untermeyer explained.

The former ambassador went on to say how history tells us what has happened in the past and how decisions may impact us in the future.

The study of history is what aided Untermeyer in his decision making as Special Assistant for Presidential Personnel. Untermeyer was charged with making staff recommendations to the President, which required politics, extensive knowledge of the candidates, and an awareness of those with political power.

“I had to know everything about each candidate before making a recommendation. Working in the White House is an important and key position that is very powerful because you are so close to the President,” Untermeyer explained.

The former ambassador further explained how some White House staff positions can be more powerful than Cabinet positions, simply because of their proximity to the President.

Students learned about the inner workings of the White House, government job functions, and the challenges and rewards of working there. Untermeyer also highlighted the responsibilities of Ambassadors all over the world. “The role of the Ambassador is to deal with issues involving the country that we work for,” says Untermeyer.

Untermeyer advised students interested in politics to explore it to see if it is really something that they would like to do. “If you are already involved in something that is important to you, you are further along than most. Just the desire and commitment leads to so much more,” stated Untermeyer.

He further advised students to get involved in a grassroots political campaign and learn from it. Untermeyer encouraged students to visit the White House for themselves and closed the presentation saying, “It is important for us to learn about history in theory, but better to learn about things in person.”

Poe, Green announce funding for Beltway 8 completion

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representatives Gene Green and Ted Poe last week announced that $50 million dollars from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be sent to the Harris County Toll Road Authority to begin construction on the final 13-mile segment of the Sam Houston Tollway – Beltway 8 (BW 8) Northeast project. The direct connectors from BW 8 to U.S. 59 will serve approximately 2.5 million residents in northern Harris and southern Montgomery counties.

“The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act was designed to invest in infrastructure and create jobs, and I am proud to say that thousands of jobs will be created by this project in a region that suffers not only for the effects of the current economic downturn, but that is still reeling from Hurricane Ike,” said Rep. Green.

“While I opposed wasteful spending in the stimulus bill, I am glad to see that worthwhile projects such as this direct connectors project received the funding it has long deserved,” said Poe. “I would like to thank Congressman Green for his collaboration and hard work on this important project. This is vital transportation project to our area and a major benefit to both the quality of life for area residents and our economy.”

While the project calls for the construction of four direct connectors and a budget of $100 million, the funds will be used to begin construction on two of the four connectors of the project. This funding will curtail the lag time between the completion of the main lines of the Tollway and the direct connectors that will allow access to and from U.S. 59.

“These direct connectors are a vital component to easing traffic congestion in the northern part of the region. Congressman Poe and I have collaborated to make this important project a priority,” said Green. “The Port of Houston will also benefit from decreased congestion and increased highway access that will allow shippers to economically transport their goods from the Port and expand business activity in the area.”

Salute to the State Finalists Nimitz Lady Cougars

The Streak

The Nimitz Lady Cougars compiled a 29-game winning streak over the 2008-09 campaign. The Lady Cougars only loss prior to the State Final came in the final game of the Fort Bend ISD Tournament to Dulles 64-63.

The Nimitz High Lady Cougars’ bid for a state title came up short on March 7 in Austin as Debbie Jackson’s team dropped a 52-43 decision to Mansfield Summit in the Class 5A state championship game.

The Lady Cougars finished the season with a 37-2 record. The 37 wins were the most by any girls team in Class 5A in the state of Texas during the 2008-09 season.

Senior center Brittney Griner put on a remarkable performance in the two-day tournament at the Erwin Center. She set a new scoring record in her team’s 74-47 win over Plugerville in the semifinals when she poured in 44 points on 19 of 21 shooting from the floor.

She also added 18 rebounds and eight blocked shots. In the finals, Griner scored 21 points as she connected on 10 of her 11 shots. She also added 12 rebounds and nine blocked shots, giving her a two-game total of 65 points, 30 rebounds and 17 blocked shots.

By the Numbers

36 – Most wins in Texas in the season
2,419 Points scored in ‘08-’09 season
702 Field goals made
52.62% Field Goal Shooting
70 Three-point shots made
38.36% Three-Point Shooting
87 Largest Margin of Victory (108-21 over Aldine HS Jan. 23)
1,025 Rebounds
521 Assists
477 Steals
301 Blocked Shots

COACH: Debbie Jackson
ASST: N. King, M. Searles, D. Chaney, N. Stephenson
MANAGERS: Steven Shaw, Kristel Jack, Jeshannah Williams, Sankietrek Wiggins

Numbers Name Class Height Position
5 Clark, Jasmine Freshman 5’3 G
10 Hawkins, Chawnte Junior 5’8 F
21 Diamond, Jessica Senior 5’7 G
22 Johnson, SaKatherine Junior 5’6 G
23 Darby, Joy Freshman 5’8 F
24 Kelly, Sade Senior 5’8 F
30 Seay, Alicia Senior 5’6 G
31 Barnes, Kim Senior 5’4 G
32 Parker, Chrishauna Sophomore 5’10 F
42 Griner, Brittney Senior 6’8 P
50 Coleman, Cecilia Junior 5’8 P

Dialing for dollars

Hey, the temps have already hit the 80’s, tomatoes and peppers are in the ground, NASCAR has started and finally received the first social security check. That is hard to beat.

Old cuz up in Montana said the snow is still coming down. By the time my tomatoes run out, old cuz will be planting and eating tomato sandwiches in August. Told old cuz they only have two seasons, winter and the Fourth of July.

Being retired from the bank and finance business, one has many tales of events, adventures and OMG’s.

The very bad past dues or way past dues however you want to call them, the branch manager would go with me, or I would go with him to see the customer. This customer lived in a mobile home not far off the beach and it was a very sandy area indeed.

The customer let us in the trailer and the boss did the talking. He got to be real pushy in trying to collect monies due. About that time, this ole customer come out and said, “By God, I’ll show you what you can do.”

You know if you explain to somebody in plain English what can happen in the collection of a debt from court to writs of sequestration, the customers get very offensive.

The weapon was a .30 lever action, I knew because I’ve seen lots of Westerns. About that time I’m nearest the door heading out and the boss gets in front of me at the door and started to get mouthy again. I told him “let’s get out of here.”

Ain’t no sense getting in that hairy of a situation. I am not that brave, that bullet would have gone through him, me and the trailer house.

One of my buddies was out in the country collecting and went to the barn where the customer was with several of his cronies. Long story short, they surrounded my buddy and gave him a few shoves. He came out of the situation ill as a hornet and told the district supervisor, who called the customer and read the riot act to him over the phone. People are real brave and brazen while on the phone. Face to face confrontations are very much different.

Glad to be out of that business. Always believed one can get more from honey than vinegar.

One fellow from my hometown in Georgia got shot and killed in Atlanta while chasing. Chasing is the slang for out collecting. He walked up on the porch and got shot through the screen door.

Another man from here was collecting over near the Louisiana border and got shot by the debtor.

If I ever do another book, I have thought of calling it DIALING FOR DOLLARS.

Charlie A. Farrar is author of many columns of homespun Georgia thoughts, that have appeared in local newspapers. He has published a book with some of the best, “Two Cents Worth.” To purchase a copy, send $12.95 to Newspaper, PO Box 405, Highlands, TX 77562.