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Posts published in “Day: May 19, 2009

Public Safety Awards by NHGreenspoint Chamber include special recognition for East Aldine unit

2009 National Police Week
May 10-16, 2009
Never Alone, Never Forgotten

National Police Week was observed in the Northeast Houston area at a Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon, held by the North Houston Greenspoint Chamber of Commerce, last Thursday, May 14 at the Sheraton North Houston JFK. The awards ceremonies were conducted by Greenspoint District’s Jerry Lowry, who gave awards in various public safety categories. The room was packed with appreciative officers and the public. Lowry’s comments included his own history as a police officer.

National Police Week was established by Congress in 1962, to honor officers that lost their lives in public service. Lowry noted that in the last 12 months, five officers in the area had lost their lives: HPD Gary Gryder, HPD Timothy Abernathy, DPS James Burns, DEA Thomas Byrne, and HCSO Tommy Keen. Lowry started the awards with special recognition to Katherine Cabaniss of Crime Stoppers, and Agent Ron Cutlip of the FBI.

Next, he presented Officers Mike Smith and Keith Warren of the Aldine ISD Police Department with a Special Recognition Award in an investigation that led to Capital Murder charges. HPD Officers Manuel Ramirez, Rogolio Ramirez, and Michael Tewold received Distinguished Service Awards for a large drug seizure and arrests. Sheriff’s deputies of the Airline Contract Deputy unit received Distinguished Service Awards for their part in foiling an armed robbery on Airline Drive.

Houston Airport Security Personnel received the Life Saving Award for saving the life of a woman with chest pain at IAH. These included James Gee, Miguel Cacho, Stephen Garcia, John Langlinais, Ron McAdams, Michael Longoria, and Jennifer Carnes.

The East Aldine Pro-Active Unit received Distinguished Unit Award for their overall effectiveness in reducing crime. This included Deputies Michael Santos, Bobby Caylor, Saul Suarez, Ronathan Persaud, and Sgt. Danny Garcia.

The Officer of the Year Award went to two teams instead, of the North Patrol Division, for their work on Operation Greensweep.

East Aldine holds Crime Awareness Town Hall

NORTHEAST– The East Aldine District sponsored an unprecedented meeting last Tuesday night, between representatives of local law enforcement agencies, and leaders of the civic clubs and associations in the District.

The purpose of the meeting was a two-way conversation between the parties, to discuss law enforcement concerns of the community, and an explanation by the public safety officials and the District’s officials, about what has been accomplished and what plans are to be implemented in the future to reduce crime.

The meeting was lead by the District’s officials, including Gerald Overturff, chairman of the Public Safety Committee, Clyde Bailey, EAMD chairman, and Richard Cantu, on-site Director of Services for the District. Also present were Shirley Reed of the Committee, and Marie Espinoza and Reyes Garcia from the District’s board of directors.

Civic groups represented included Fairgreen, Green Forest, High Meadows North, North Houston Heights, Oakwild, Parkwood Estates, Pine Village, and Tasfield.

Law Enforcement representatives came from the Harris County Sheriff’s office, the East Aldine Pro-Active unit of the HCSO, and the Aldine ISD Police Department.

Also present were government officials or their representatives, including Harris County Pct. 1 and 2, State Rep. Armando Walle’s office, State Senator Mario Gallegos’ office, Congressman Gene Green’s office, and HCPH Veterinary Health office.

Please see print edition for more details, including specific concerns from each neighborhood.

County to buy foreclosed homes in NE/ Aldine area

EAST HARRIS COUNTY— Foreclosed and vacant houses that were once havens for illegal activity are getting a second lease in life thanks to a new program from Harris County.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Sylvia Garcia said that the county will spend about $8 million in federal housing funds to purchase foreclosed properties, then resell the houses to residents at a discount. The program targets houses in specific neighborhoods where foreclosures have been most hurtful. Of the 22 ZIP codes designated by the county for the program, three are in the Aldine/ Northeast Area. These are 77037, 77039 and 77093.

Garcia said the program would be beneficial in that it will not only prevent the properties from decaying, which hurts the neighborhood image, but it helps renters become homeowners which brings stability and neighborhood closeness.

To be eligible to purchase one of the homes families must earn less than 120% of the area’s median income (about $76,500 for a family of four), have a job, decent credit and not owned a home in the last three years. The county plans to buy homes within the specified ZIP codes at a minimum of 15% below appraised value, then resell them at 30% discount below resale value. This could mean up to a 40% saving on a home. Additional discounts could also apply. New home-buyers can also get up to $10,000 for repairs. Those interested in the homes are encouraged to speak with their local real estate agent, who will have a list of the homes eligible through the program.

The county says the program is not intended for those who buy houses cheap, repair them and then sell them for a profit. Anyone who sells a home purchased through the program is required to repay the county for the discounts off the appraisal value.

Green says Obama budget recommends full funding for North and SE corridors

HOUSTON – Representative Gene Green last week announced that President Obama has recommended that Houston Metro receive full funding grant agreements for the North and Southeast light rail corridors. Specifically, the proposed budget includes a recommended $75 million for each line.

“As Congress works to write the transportation appropriations bill, I will work to see that the President’s recommendations for Houston are included in the final bill,” said Rep. Gene Green. “I am glad that the President recognizes the transit needs of our growing community and the need for increased public transportation in Houston.”

An estimated $18.5 billion is included in the budget to help states reduce traffic fatalities and injuries, improve the condition and quality of our roadways and bridges, prevent rail accidents, and safeguard the transport of hazardous materials.

“President Obama has emphasized the need for the upgrading of our infrastructure across the nation, and I look forward to working with my colleagues and the President to increase the quality of life for Houstonians.”