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Posts published in “Day: February 16, 2010

East Aldine District recognizes Partners at Awards dinner

NORTHEAST — The East Aldine District took the time to review the accomplishments of the last year, and to announce goals for the coming year, at an Annual Awards Reception & Dinner held last Friday night, Feb. 5th. About 100 persons were in attendance, as hosts David Hawes, Exec. Director, and Clyde Bailey, Chairman, thanked the District’s Partners for their help through this year, and awarded them glass statues in recognition of their work.

In addition, Hawes took the occasion to review the history and success of the district, mentioning that since its inception in 2001, the income stream from sales tax revenue has gone from a few hundred thousand dollars, to $3.4 million last year. All of this money, he explained, is returned to the district in ways that improve the lives and safety of those living here.

A complete 2010 Report to Stakeholders was presented to those attending the dinner and meeting. Copies of this are available from the District office at 5202 Aldine Mail Route. Also, a summary of the major points will be presented in a future Northeast News issue.

In general, Hawes presented progress and goals in the following area:

• Water & Sewer Infrastructure Projects
• Mobility & Transportation Projects
• Parks & Green Space Projects
• Environmental & Urban Design Program
• Business & Economic Development Program
• Security & Public Safety Initiatives
• Facility Development Planning

As part of the evening’s program, Hawes and Bailey presented “Strategic Partners” Awards to those who have participated and helped in the community in the last year.

These went to Capt. Paul Cordova for Public Safety; Janis Jefferson and Fiona Jones and staff from the Harris County Veterinary Services; Sylvia Bolling of Aldine YOUTH for Community and Youth Services; Dr. Stephen Head of Lone Star College-North Harris for Education; Bill Townsend of North Houston Bank, a part of U.S. Bank, for Business; and Shirley Reed for Volunteer of the Year.

In addition, a special Chairman’s Award went to David Hawes from Chairman Clyde Bailey, for the outstanding leadership he had given to the District in the last 9 years. In turn, Hawes thanked his staff and shared his award with them as he presented them to the audience.

Chamber holds legislative breakfast, displays new logos

GREENSPOINT — The newly named Houston Intercontinental Chamber held the first morning breakfast, planned as a regular quarterly networking event for members and guests.

The topic of this breakfast was reports from area legislators, and an introduction to Attorney General candidate Barbara Radnofsky.

State Representative Armando Walle brought the attendees at the breakfast up-to-date on important issues that face the state and will be agenda items for the next session.

These include the need to redistrict after the 2010 Census. With a Texas State House made up of 74 Democrats and 76 Republicans, this will be a difficult and important item to be resolved, he said.

Finances will be an important problem to be solved, as the state now faces the possibility of a $10 to $20 billion dollar deficit for the next budget session. He reminded the audience that during the last term, only a $14 billion stimulus package to the state allowed the budget to be balanced.

Because of the state of the economy, and the state’s revamping of education reimbursements, every school district in the state is looking for means to balance their budgets. Walle emphasized that the two most important issues facing him will be education and healthcare. Even though the Children’s Health Insurance Plan, CHIP, had bipartisan support, it still did not pass the legislature, and so it must be looked at again. This is especially important in Walle’s District 140, where the per capita income averages $10,000, and over 80% of the population are minority.

Congressman Gene Green mentioned that unlike the state legislature, Congress is in session full-time. He agreed that the two main issues, at the state and federal level, are the economy and healthcare.

On redistricting, he pointed out the importance of electing a knowledgeable and capable Attorney General for Texas, noting Radnofsky’s presence. He pointed out that if the legislature is unable to draw new redistricting boundaries in a satisfactory manner, that the law sends the decision to five statewide elected officials, including the AG.

Green is on two committees, Energy and Healthcare. In healthcare, he noted that the area is far behind the average in FQHCs, or Federally Qualified Health Clinics, and there is an urgent need for them in Houston. He said that a satellite pediatric clinic had just opened on Airline Drive.

Green is in favor of a new act, Pay-Go, that he expects Congress to enact soon, that will make it necessary for any spending bill to have a source for the funding. He said this was similar to a bill years ago when he was first elected in 1992 that helped reduce spending and inflation.

In a question from the audience, Jack Drake of the Greenspoint District asked if congressmen were aware of the lack of confidence that the American people have in their government. Green answered that he personally makes a point of coming back from Washington every week to talk to his voters, and explain and listen to issues. He said that was not true of all Congressmen and Senators, and thinks there always exists a “disconnect” between government officials and the public that is not good. Also, he agreed that partisanship has gotten worse in the last few sessions, defeating the work of Congress.

(This story has been slightly truncated for the web. For the full version, please see our print edition.)

North Houston Bank to become branch of Prosperity Bank

HOUSTON — Prosperity Bancshares, Inc. announced last week that it would acquire three Texas branches of U.S. Bank, including the North Houston Bank.

Prosperity Bancshares, Inc. President and COO Dan Rollins said they will pay $420 million in deposits, as well as purchase certain loans and other assets attributable to the branches.

Other branches included in the sale are the Madisonville State Bank in Madisonville and Citizens National Bank in Teague.

“With the addition of these three locations, Prosperity will operate 161 full service banking centers in Texas,” said David Zalman, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Prosperity Bancshares. “We look forward to serving the Texas customers of U.S. Bank.”

The agreement has been approved by both banks and is expected to close during the first quarter of 2010, although delays could occur. The transaction is subject to certain conditions, including customary regulatory approvals.

Aldine FFA celebrates 51st Livestock Show

The Aldine community once again stepped up to the plate and rewarded Aldine ISD’s FFA (Future Farmers of America) students by spending more than $183,000 on student projects during the 51st annual Livestock Show and Country Fair, held Jan. 28-29 at the M.O. Campbell Education Center.

The Sale of Champions was the culmination to the Livestock Show and Country Fair.

“The 51st annual Livestock Show and Sale of Champions was a huge success due to the Aldine community’s unwavering support,” said Franklin Higgins, Aldine ISD’s director of career and technical education. “Once again, the Show exceeded all expectations. We can’t thank our community enough for their generosity. We had another successful show because so many people and groups made a special effort to support our students as buyers.”

In addition to the various vertical buyers’ groups that purchased student projects, the district operations department purchased all of the student projects that did not place, thus ensuring that those students would have some sort of monetary reward for their hard work. That effort generated $30,500 to student projects.

For FFA Auction Photos and more about the event, please see pages 6 and 7 of our print edition.