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Posts published in “Day: April 12, 2011

Deputies arrest family for drug sales from home on Magic Drive

NORTHEAST– The Harris County Sheriff’s Office/Narcotics Working Group (HCSO/NWG) arrested a family of six for their alleged involvement in selling narcotics from their home.
The HCSO received multiple complaints that narcotics were being sold from a residence located at 12822 Magic Drive in northeast Harris County. During a 5-month long investigation, members of the HCSO/NWG learned seven family members (grandfather, father, mother, daughter, son, son-in-law, and cousin), were living and selling crack cocaine from the residence. Six were arrested and charged with delivery of a controlled substance and/or engaging in organized crime. A seventh individual is wanted by the HCSO.

The six taken into custody are identified as follows:
– Lugene Davis, Jr. (DOB 07/03/77) -Delivery of a Controlled Substance/ Engaging in Organized Crime
– Lugene Davis, Sr. (DOB 04/08/52) – Delivery of a Controlled Substance/ Engaging in Organized Crime
– Mary Davis (DOB 04/03/49) – Delivery of a Controlled Substance/ Engaging in Organized Crime
– Sheila Ann Sowell (DOB 09/10/65) – Engaging in Organized Crime
– Darryl Lynn Jones (DOB 03/04/64) – Engaging in Organized Crime
– James Gibbs (DOB 06/29/45) – Possession of a Controlled Substance/ Engaging in Organized Crime.

Economic Development team works on bringing new business, jobs to East Aldine

EAST ALDINE– The District held their Business Development luncheon last Thursday, March 31, and a large audience heard from the economic development team about their efforts to bring new business to the area. The luncheon was held for the first time in the new offices of the District, at 5333 Aldine Mail Route.
Headed by Gretchen Larson of the East Aldine District, the team includes consultant Ray Lawrence, and North Houston Economic Development Council head Cathy Owen. Also tasked to assist are EAD staff Richard Cantu and Joy Rice. The overall effort is coordinated by Executive Director David Hawes, and Chairman Clyde Bailey.

Larson explained that the nature of attracting new business has to be a collaborative effort, and to that end the District partners with many private and public entities. These include commercial real estate firms, chambers, the state and area development agencies, financial institutions, and other districts. Larson explained that development is often a slow process, building contacts, and promoting an area and its strengths to businesses and developers that have other choices as well as this district. She has been working for the district for over two years, having come from a similar background in LaPorte and the San Antonio area.
In addition to new businesses, she is working on retention and growth of existing businesses in the area.
Ray Lawrence is a new business development consultant working for Hawes Hill Calderon, the East Aldine’s management firm. His background is extensive in this and related fields, having worked for Exxon, and with the Greater Houston Partnership. In addition, he has headed his own marketing firm and worked for CDS, a real estate research firm.
These experiences give him a broad range of contacts and viewpoint on the economic development scene.
Lawrence said that the district must recognize its strengths and its limitations, and tailor its marketing accordingly. He said that obvious industries that could be attracted are light manufacturing, distribution, and skilled trades.
East Aldine has the advantage of location, close to the airport and in the middle of an extensive highway system. Highway US59 is an obvious location for development, especially after the water and sewer work parallel to it is completed. Traffic on US59 is projected to double in 15 years, making it very desirable for retail.
Lawrence said that we need to have strategic partners, such as banks, Lone Star College, EAD staff, EAD website, and contacts at trade shows.
He also said that jobs would follow new housing which he encourages, and thinks there are many available sites.
Cathy Owen presented both herself to those who did not know her, and also the work of her organization, the North Houston Economic Development Council. NHEDC was formed by a partnership of Lone Star College, Houston International Chamber, Greenspoint District, East Aldine District, Airline Improvement District, and Northside Management District.
Owen retired from a development job with Lone Star College in 2009, but was persuaded by the college to join NHEDC. Prior to that she had experience with a real estate company, and the Humble Chamber.
With less than 6 months in office, she has seen quite a bit of success in new business start-ups. She said she handles daily inquiries from prospects by phone and through the state. She works with site consultants, trade shows, and strategic partners to present our area and its strengths.
Owen mentioned some of the recent new businesses that have come to the area and the jobs they have projected. These incllude Enerflow Industries 400 employees, Neutex Advanced Energy Group 400 to 500 employees, Eastgroup Properties, Newfield Exploration, Gulf Coast International, and expansion of the AmerCable company.
At the end of the luncheon, East Aldine board chairman Clyde Bailey reminisced about how much he likes the area and the people, how he has enjoyed heading the district for the last 16 years. “There isn’t another placfe I would rather be. My heart is here. I grew up here.”

Transborder Police Conference brings cooperation between U.S., Mexican police

NORTHEAST– An important training conference, between Mexican police authorities, and their American counterparts in federal, state and local police, took place for 5 days at a hotel in Greenspoint last week.
Emceed by an FBI agent, and honoring HPD Sgt. T. J. Salazar for his leadership of this TIP conference, the event was an intense training session as well as a chance for these officers from both sides of the border to get to know each other, and share techniques and information to make their work more effective.

Keynote speakers during the week included Harris County District Attorney and former judge Pat Lykos, and Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. At the Thursday luncheon, attended by members from the Houston International Chamber, the keynote speakers were HPD Assistant Chief Michael Dirden, and HPD Greenspoint Patrol Captain Victor Rodriguez.
Dirden spoke of the transnational corporate nature of today’s crime syndicates, and how they exist because of the U.S. drug market. “If we didn’t have an appetite for drugs in the U.S.” he said, “there wouldn’t be as much problems south of the border.” And thus he underscored the importance of this type of conference.
This was reinforced by Rodriguez’s remarks, about Houston as a major hub for border crime, including illegal transit of guns, cars, money, and drugs across the border. He said that learning to speak and work together can help solve these crimes.
Illegal family abductions was another area of crime investigated during the luncheon, when Deana Hebert, a Baytown mother of a daughter that was abducted and taken to Mexico 16 years ago, detailed the heartbreak this has brought, and the frustration she has dealing with foreign laws and officials.
The conference dealt with increasing border security and reducing criminal activity, but in his remarks T. J. Salazar admitted that corruption both north and south of the border was a major problem, both in apprahension and prosecution.
In his remarks, a mexican officer Javier Callran mentioned how dangerous it is to be a law enforcement officer in Mexico, and that honest officers are getting killed because of their character.
Attending the training sessions were many members of the Harris County sheriff’s office, including officers from the East Aldine forces.