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Posts published in “Day: June 14, 2011

METRO: WHAT DO YOU NEED? Workshop at East Aldine listens to suggestions

EAST ALDINE– The transit authority METRO held a workshop last Thursday evening at the East Aldine offices, to interact with the public and get ideas for how their services might be more useful to riders and potential riders.
This meeting was one of 24 that have been scheduled around the city the last few months, prior to METRO finalizing a “VISION” for the plans for the future. This is leading up to a draft plan for the agency’s future, which will be prepared in the next six months.
The purpose of the meetings was to learn where service is needed, and how existing service can be modified or expanded for better service.
The meeting was started with remarks from board member Allen Watson, and a presentation of the overall transit needs and METRO services, by CEO George Greanias. He explained the growth patterns in the region, and the multitude of modes that METRO provides to meet transit needs. He explained that for Houston to be a World Class City, it must have coordinated planning of Good Education, Economic Opportunities, and Reliable and Efficient Transportation.

After that, groups of public and staff met in smaller planning groups, do discuss needs and draw route plans with markers on city transit maps. The staff kept track of suggestions on a large display easel. An interactive electronic map was not working, but is available online at Additional suggestions can also be submitted by email to metrovision
Among the comments that Greanias and the staff heard, were the need for more bus lines that went directly to employment centers; routes that were two-way, not circuits; expansion of “Signature or Express” service lines; cooperative transit center in the new East Aldine Town Center in the planning stage; bus service to the new industries that have been built on JFK Boulevard; more direct access to JFK airport, Humble and Greenspoint for employment needs.
Several workshops remain to be held. The next one in our area will be June 14 at Acres Homes Multi-Service Center, and then June 28 at the Humble Civic Center.

Airline Improvement District Update on Activities

May 27th, 2011––The District’s has been awarded $115,000 in Harris County Community Services – Community Development Block Grant funds toward its Raymac Park Project. These funds along with the $200,000 in Texas Parks and Wildlife grant funds and $50,000 in District funds will bring the budget for the park to $365,000. The design for the park has been completed and construction on the project will begin in 2011.
Additionally, the District was awarded $150,000 from the Houston-Galveston Area Council to complete a Livable Centers Study. These funds along with $34,500 in District funds will bring the project budget to $184,500. The study will be completed in partnership with the Harris County Community Services Department. The objective of the planning study is to help create quality, walkable, mixed-use places, create multi-modal travel choices, improve environmental quality, and promote economic development and housing choices within the Airline Improvement District.

When the study is completed, it will have identified and estimated the cost of proposed projects for the District’s consideration. There will be a public component of the study whereby meetings will be held and ideas from the community will be discussed.
The District continues its Contract Deputy program where Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies conduct enhanced
Nuisance and Abatement issues.
The District’s Graffiti Abatement Program continues to be a success as more than 1,446 sites have been abated since its inception. As a reminder, the abatement crew can color match, paint or power wash graffiti that is reported within the boundaries of the District.