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Posts published in “Day: August 23, 2011

Chamber tours new Hispanic Business Center

A Mexican company has opened a new office in the Greenspoint District, in conjunction with the Houston Intercontinental Chamber.

Contact Line LLC is a Mexican company that recently opened its new branch in north Houston, within this call center, a Hispanic Business Center (HBC) with executive suites is been installed.

The function of the HBC is to bring Mexican companies and help them get their company branch installed in Houston; and at the same time create employment in this area.

The goal is to have “500 employees by the end of next year,” said Alejandro Del Valle, president and CEO of Contact Line LLC and the Hispanic Business Center.

The Hispanic Business Center is located at 12700 Northborough Dr., with room for 300 executive offices in a 6-floor building. “We have 60 offices ready to use and 15 contracts signed already with Mexican companies, we are analyzing 40 more possible business,” said Del Valle.

Alejandro Del Valle moved to Houston almost two and half years ago and began to constitute a new branch for his Mexican Company, Contact Line S.A. de C.V. Now, that he has installed a branch of his company in Houston, Del Valle and the Hispanic Business Center formulated a kit called ‘Como?’ which means ‘How?’; the kit provides legal advice, guides Mexican businessmen through the process of getting their branch company settle in Houston.

“We offer to the Mexican companies help to install a branch of their company here in Houston, open a checking account in the U.S.A, hire personnel, register in the tax office, help them to sell their products, and register with Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce,” said Del Valle. “All services are provided, internet, a secretary, ink, paper, telephone; we assist them on how to constitute their business, how to get their Visa to work in the U.S.A legally, once they are installed, we help them to sell their products.”

The selling of the products is through the call center, Contact Line LLC, which has a database of 210 million consumers and 17 million companies and where bilingual personnel call to offers products and/or services offered by those Mexican companies. “What are we selling is a product of Mexican companies,” said Del Valle.

Some of the companies Mr. Del Valle mentioned to been installed in the Hispanic Business Center are a powdered milk company, an agricultural business, and a tequila company.

The Hispanic Business center besides creating employment in the Greenspoint District, also helps the economy. “I’m very happy to be part of creating employment. And I want to thank Jack Drake, President of Greenspoint District, the Houston Intercontinental Chamber of Commerce and Ms. Parker who have supported and helped us all the time,” said Del Valle.

Citizens quiz Walle at Town Hall Sessions

Coop meeting discusses education bills, public safety

By Julieta Paita, Northeast News

NORTHEAST HOUSTON– On August 18 and 19, 2011, State Representative Armando Walle hosted the annual Town Hall Meetings where he mentioned the most relevant topics discussed at the Legislature. At the Town Hall Meeting on August 18, the main topics for Northeast area were education, health care and public safety.

Armando Walle mentioned that education is very important, “it’s personal,” he added.

The special guest for this session was Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland. He said they have had financial challenges, and it has been the most difficult ones they have faced in the city and as a department. But “with almost 7,000 employees our goal every single day is to keep and track 2.5 million people safe in an area of 660 square miles,” said McClelland.

He mentioned that the Northeast area has done extraordinary well when it comes to crime.

“The only crime that is slight up in the north community is auto theft with only 3% up, but murder, robbery, burglary, aggravated assault, all those crimes are down. This area is safer than it was a year ago.”

Rep. Walle said public safety affects everybody, even undocumented people. And when there is a robbery, sometimes people do not report the crime. “Why? because he is undocumented,” Walle said.

Armando Walle also mentioned that “At this legislature session 5,000 bills were filed and only 1,000 make it.” Despite how difficult it is to pass a bill, Armando Walle would like to continue to hear from the community on priorities.

“If there is a bill and I believe is going to hurt my community, I’m not gonna vote for it. If I’m not doing the right thing, you need to tell me,” Walle said.

MacArthur meeting focuses on precinct changes, crime, trash


A large audience of interested citizens gathered last Friday night, to hear State Representative Armando Walle report on his second term in the state legislature, and to voice their opinions on quality of life in the Aldine area and District 140.

In addition to Walle, presentations were made by Congressman Gene Green, and Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Walle reviewed the changes in precinct boundaries, which result in much of his district moving into Commissioner Morman’s Pct. 2 and out of Commissioner Lee’s Pct. 1. Walle is working with the leaders to determine what changes this will cause to county services. He said “I’m hopeful, but it remains to be seen.” He explained that the redistricting was required after the 2010 census, to equalize population in the four county precincts.

Walle started by reviewing the budget cuts in the 82nd Legislature. With a potential shortfall of $27 billion in the two year budget, many programs had to be cut because the expenditures have to match the revenue that the Texas Comptroller certifies. Walle said the Business Margin Tax passes in the 80th session did not raise the projected revenue to make up for property tax reductions since then. Last year federal stimulus money was used to alleviate the shortfall, but in this session no such funds existed.

Therefore, the legislature ending up cutting the education allotment by $4 billion, and an additional $1.58 in discretionary funds in education.

In Public Health, another $4 billion was cut, which will result in Medicaid reimbursements that are lower, affecting children and elderly, who make up most of the recipients.

Walle said “Leadership had a Drastic View on how to take care of our needy.”

Walle helped pass a number of bills dealing with discipline of unruly students in the schools, taking a more progressive attitude toward their treatment.

Two bills of local interest were the noise ordinance, and the private water utilities and their rates. He reported that his noise ordinance bill was blocked by the speaker of the House after getting approval of the delegates, and he was able to amend a bill to get some notice and explaination when a utility was planning a rate increase.

Congressman Green reminded the audience of his annual Immunization Day on Saturday, in three locations including Stephens Elementary in Aldine.

He also called attention to a Paying for College Workshop on Sept. 19 at Aldine Senior High School, and a Job Fair on Sept. 30 at Campbell Center.

Sheriff Garcia noted that his department is suffering from losing 125 patrol deputies, and a hiring freeze in the county that will not allow him to replace them. Although statistics show crime rates are down in the city and county, he urged citizens to report every crime, which he feels will force the commissioners to allocate more resources. These reports can be made anonymously, and now on-line by the internet and soon by smart phones.

He outlined the programs he conducts with the help of East Aldine District, and thanked them for that partnership.

In other comments, residents voiced concern over trash collections, and crime rates.