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Posts published in “Day: March 27, 2012

Airline Improvement District gathers community input for quality of life study

By Julieta Paita

Northeast News

On Thursday, March 22, at Carroll Academy, located on Gulf Bank, the Airline Improvement District along with Houston-Galveston Area Council, and the Harris County hosted the second community input session for improving quality of life and economic development in the area.

During the session the District presented a concept design which explained future projects in road improvement such as new sidewalks, new roads, new trails, and district signage.

“Some of the transportation improvements they’re (the Airline Improvement District) doing, include on West Mount Houston and Gulf Bank doing intersecction improvements to its freeway to expand turning movements,” said James Vick, working along with Airline District in this project. “Really important is on Airline Drive there are a lot of transporation issues periodically, so there is a new median that’s is going to be constructed on Airline to restrict left turn lanes which creates hazard for pedestrians.”

Vick also mentioned that there are sidewalks proposed on Airline, as well as street lights; sidewalks are planned to be 8.5 ft. wide. And on Aldine Mail Rt. new sidewalks plus road way improvements are also planned.

Prioritizing projects

“The idea is to formulate a plan, as money is avaible, we have prioritized those projects,” said Vick. “Finding problems in the community and how to fund those.”


First is to to provide more options with new roads. Proposed streets are: extend Lillja South to Gulf Bank, extend Henry south to Gulf Bank and connect Hawkins to Aldine Mail. The second part is new transit destinations, bus routes.

Other subjects discussed were new trails, parks, and a logo for the market mile on Airline Drive Commercial Spine. “It’s a long term project,” Vick concluded.