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Posts published in “Day: April 16, 2013

Aldine Scholarships to be announced at May 23rd Recognition Ceremony

ALDINE – Review committees and school guidance counselors are hard at work, reading and evaluating at least 202 scholarship applications from eligible Aldine ISD students that need financial aid to continue to college.

This is the first year that scholarships will come from a combined Aldine Scholarship Foundation and Aldine Education Foundation process. The ASF scholarships will be for Lone Star College entrants, and the AEF awards can be used at any college.

Last year the ASF awarded 88 scholarships at $1000 each to students planning to attend Lone Star College System schools, and since their inception in 1991 they have given 932 scholarships to date.

The AEF initiative will allow donors to give more and larger amounts for scholarships, and will also use some of the monies for grants to teachers for innovative teaching techniques and programs.

It is expected that a total of 113 scholarships will be awarded by AEF for the 2013 year from donor funds, and another thirteen from funds provided by the East Aldine District, for MacArthur area students.

The ASF has been combined with the new Aldine Education Foundation, and a governing board of about 30 persons is in charge of the AEF program.

The group is planning a recognition ceremony on Thursday May 23rd at the new Davis High School. At this time, all scholarship winners would be announced and their awards given, as well as recognition to major donors. It is expected that about 500 students, parents, donors, AEF members and educators will attend this ceremony. The program is under the direction of AEF board member C. C. Sutphen. The scholarship awards are under the program committee, headed by former Aldine superintendent Nadine Kujawa.

A Donor Recognition event is planned for June 11th, according to Crissy Baumann of the board. This will be held at the Aldine Administration offices, and plaques naming the donors to the AEF will be permanently displayed on the wall of the building, she said.

Other AEF fundraising events in the planning stage are a Walk-A-Thon, and a fall kick-off breakfast for the next fundraising campaign.

Harris County Attorney files a lawsuit against game room

NORTHEAST (April 8, 2013)–Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan announced that a lawsuit has been filed against a northeast Houston game room where a security guard was shot on Sunday, April 7, 2013.

The lawsuit filed March 14th asked a judge to order the Treasure Island Club, 13719 Homestead Road, to stop alleged illegal gambling. The lawsuit said the owners Billy J. Hammond and Minh T. Hammond had been warned by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

On Sunday (April 7) morning during an apparent attempted robbery, a man in a ski mask fired several shot gun blasts wounding a security guard. The man and a woman who appeared to be with him fled the scene.

The game room has been the location of at least three gambling investigations. The machines commonly called eight liners resemble Las Vegas style slot machines. Machines are illegal if they pay out more than ten times the amount charged to play the game or $5 whichever is less.

Ryan said the shooting of the security guard is an example of the criminal activity that illegal game rooms attract. “These places are not safe for customers or neighbors,” County Attorney Ryan said. Ryan explained that illegal game rooms generate large amounts of cash, leading to crime in the areas in which they are located, including robberies, assaults and homicides.

County Attorney Ryan’s office is authorized by state law to file civil lawsuits against businesses that fail to take steps to stop or control illegal activity. After hearing the case, the judge may sign an order to force the business to close if it does not stop the illegal activity.

The lawsuit is scheduled for a hearing on May 17th.