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Posts published in “Day: October 11, 2016

Aldine community gets together at National Night Out

Last Tuesday, East Aldine District celebrated National Night Out (NNO) with great success.

Families, neighbors gathered to greet and meet and have fun. They also enjoyed free food and giveaways.

Partners that attended were HCSO, HCSO Explorers, Aldine Pathfinders Boy Scouts, Bonding Against Adversity, Kroger, Castlewood Civic Club, Green Forest Civic Club, and High Meadows Civic Club, Northside Food Truck Park with the Community Art Project, YMCA, Buckner/YOUTH, Neighborhood Centers, HCEC, Westfield Fire Department, Moonwalks (Panzon Party Rental), Aqua Frescas, Lone Star College – North Harris, MacArthur 9th and Big Mac (Student Groups), Mac 9 Dance Team, Mac 9 JROTC.

Representative Armando Walle and Gene Green’s Office were also present.

Among Aldine Board members at NNO were Patti Acosta, Joyce Wiley, Carlos Silva, and Gerald Overturff.

“Creepy Clowns” reach Nimitz HS

ALDINE – The national phenomenon known as the “Creepy Clown” threat has reached Nimitz High School, according to authorities.

Last Friday, Sept. 30 the school received a threat by way of Instagram, from a clown that warned he would be on the Nimitz campus that day with unspecified evil intent. After the message was discovered, Instagram voluntarily took down the posting.

In actuality, no occurence or unusual activity was seen, but Aldine ISD sent a warning to Nimitz students on Friday, and another to all parents in the district on Monday.

They also increased security at the campus, according to spokesperson Mike Keeney. However, it was determined after investigation that there was no real danger, and the whole episode was a hoax.

Nimitz was not alone as a target of this threat. Spring, Humble, and Houston school districts also received threats, and in Houston a 14 year old student at Houston ISD was arrested for perpetrating the warning message. He was charged with making terroristic threats against a school on social media, using a clown image.

Other frightening clown incidents have been reported in recent weeks, both locally and nationally.