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Posts published in “Day: January 16, 2018

Sylvia Garcia for Congress opens Campaign office

Senator Sylvia Garcia in the center, holding her campaign for Congress yard with Congressman Gene Green and supporters.

By Allan Jamail

Senator Sylvia Garcia had a Campaign For Congress Open House reception at her first campaign office. Supporters of all ethnicity turned out in large numbers to fill the building to capacity.

Congressman Gene Green opened the event by stating why he’s enthusiastically supporting Garcia. He said, “It’s important we elect Sylvia because she the most qualified candidate and because she knows the communities and the leaders of our communities in the district. We don’t need to let someone who’s recently moved in and is wealthy, who’s spending lots of money to buy the position and yet hasn’t ever done anything for our communities and doesn’t know our leaders.” Green stated Sylvia’s has a long record of achievements and experience in service to citizens and experience matters.

Senator Garcia spoke and said, “I promised to be a representative for all, no matter where you live, your income level, your race, who you know or who you love, we need to reject discrimination in every form. We need more candidates who will bravely stand up for women and the expansion of their opportunities. My campaign is about putting people first, I’ll listen to your needs and eagerly go to work for you. Together we can restore the promise of America.”

The office is at 7121 Harrisburg Blvd, Houston, will be open daily from 9am-8pm and can be called at 832-869-7529.

North Forest celebrates transition to new high school with ceremonial walk

North Forest High School’s new building while it was under construction. Recently, the transition to the new renovated building took place on Mesa Road.

Hundreds of North Forest High School students followed Principal Darryl Henson across Mesa Road on Monday, coming together to formally mark their transition into their new school.

The $59.5 million campus is the first new high school built in the North Forest community in almost 50 years.

“It’s important to show our students that we are coming over into a new environment that was built just for them,” Henson said, talking about the importance of the ceremonial walk from the old building to the new one. “I want the kids to feel a sense of pride and ownership.”

Funded through money provided by the state, the new school accommodates 1,300 to 1,500 students.

It features flexible learning areas, a modern dining commons, and career training spaces, as well as large windows that provide ample natural lighting and open views to the prairie in front of the building and the forest in back.