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Posts published in “Day: August 21, 2018

Aldine ISD Jamboree a big success

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner delivered remarks at Aldine ISD’s Jamboree on Monday, Aug. 13 at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center. The Jamboree showcased the district’s extra curricular programs, such as band, cheerleading, performing arts and athletics. Approximately 3,800 people attended the event.

Aldine ISD Board President Steve Mead waves to the crowd at the Aldine ISD Jamboree held on Monday, Aug. 13 at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center. Pictured along with Mr. Mead are fellow trustees Dr. Kimberley Booker, left, and Dr. Viola M. Garcia, right. The Jamboree showcased the district’s extracurricular programs.

Members of the MacArthur High School football team wait to be introduced during the Aldine ISD Jamboree, held on Monday, Aug. 13 at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center. The Jamboree attracted approximately 3,800 people and was held to showcase the district’s extracurricular programs.

Voting for flood bond underway

Judge Ed Emmett

HARRIS COUNTY – Voters will have a chance to decide to spend $2.5 billion dollars to help alleviate flooding, according to County Judge Ed Emmett.

The measure includes a list of 150 potential projects that will be paid for by the bond money, some of it to repair flood damage and some to mitigate future flood risks. Judge Emmett said “People realize this is our chance to say we are really serious about flood-control, mitigation and resilience.”

Emmett continued “If this bond passes, it will not only show we are serious, it will actually provide $700 to $900 million that will be matched by the federal government.”

The funding includes $1.2 billion for drainage improvements, $12.5 million for new floodplain mapping, and $1.25 million for an improved early warning system. The money will be spent over a 10 to 15 year period.

Election Day is August 25, the one year anniversary of the time Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast and brought devastating flooding to the Houston region. Voting at your precinct will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

School District needs your help to keep students safe through the school year

Keep an Eye Out for Children and School Buses

The first day of school in Aldine ISD is Monday, Aug. 20. This is a reminder for drivers that they will be sharing the road with students and school buses.

District leaders encourage parents to go over safety rules with their children. They also encourage drivers to obey school zones and yield to buses.

Bus Safety Tips

• Yellow flashing lights mean drivers should slow down because the bus is about to make a stop.

• Red flashing lights mean the bus has stopped. All drivers must stop for buses while the red lights are flashing and the Stop sign is out. It is against the state law to pass a school bus with the red flashing lights on, loading or unloading children. If a roadway is divided, the opposite direction roadway may proceed with caution. Traffic behind the school bus traveling in the same direction MUST stop.

• The area 15 feet around a school bus is where children are in danger of being hit. Drivers should stop far enough back to allow children necessary space to safely enter or exit a bus. Never pass a stopped bus on the right that is loading or unloading. It is illegal and could have tragic consequences.

• Drivers should be patient. Buses travel at a slower rate and they make frequent stops.

Keeney’s Korner: Texans hope for a full season from Watson

Mike Keeney

Aggie fans hopeful Fisher is right man for job

By Mike Keeney

Welcome back football, we’ve missed you!

The 2018 season is right around the corner and while baseball is still the talk of the town thanks to the Astros, football will always be king in these parts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m as big of an Astros fan as there is in this area, and am hopeful for another long playoff run in the fall, but injuries and a tepid offense has made things more difficult this time around. Heck, they may not even win their division. The Oakland A’s are breathing down their necks and are the hottest team in baseball. It would help to get Jose Altuve and George Springer back in the lineup (both are out with injuries) and get Carlos Correra’s bat going.

But enough about baseball. It’s time to turn our attention to the 2018 football season and what story lines we will be following this year.