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Posts published in “Day: April 16, 2019


President Donald Trump signed two executive orders in Crosby, easing regulations on pipelines and water quality.

HOUSTON– “It’s like the circus is coming to town!” exclaimed one Republican resident, of the combined excitement and trepidation of having the presidential motorcade come to an unincorporated area that voted for him in the Presidential election by a whopping 74%.

Trump landed his plane at Ellington Field, and travelled by Motorcade to Crosby on US90. After his talk, he returned to Ellington for a fundraiser dinner at the Lone Star Air Museum.

The speech and signing ceremony at the IUOE center was attended by about 400 invited guests, from Harris County and a few from Crosby. A number of industry friends of Trump attended, some even riding the Air Force One with the president.

Arrival at the International Union of Operating Engineers International Training and Education Center comes in controversy. President Trump signed executive orders to facilitate easing regulations on making petrochemicals and speeding up pipeline construction, even in the wake of four petrochemical fires and three worker deaths in less than one month in East Harris County. And the union facility recently became non-profit, thus reducing taxes paid to local first responders. White House officials announced the orders will grant incentives for investors to build energy infrastructure, streamlining permitting for pipeline projects. Last May Trump issued a permit to initiate the delayed Keystone XL Pipeline.

271 Seniors will receive scholarships in May

Aldine Education Foundation has announced that for 2019, graduating seniors will receive 147 scholarships from AEF, totaling $438,000 in awards. This includes 37 permanent endowments, including AISD staff-funded scholarships.

In addition the Aldine Scholarship Foundation will award 135 scholarships. The total awards by the ASF will be $135,000. In all AISD seniors will receive $572,000 in awards for their future college studies. There were a total of 735 applications for these scholarship, 391 for AEF, 43 for ASF, and 301 for both organizations. Award notifications were sent on April 3rd.

Awards will be given out at an AEF/ASF Scholarship ceremony on Tuesday, May 14 at M. O. Campbell Center, starting at 6:00 pm. It was announced that the format of the ceremony has been changed from previous years, and the reception will follow the awards ceremony, rather than occurring prior to the awards.

House passes legislation to reform school finance, property taxes

AUSTIN — The Texas House of Representatives on April 3 approved much-anticipated legislation written to revise the state’s public school finance system. The vote was 148-1, and the bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.

House Bill 3 would increase pay for public school classroom teachers, librarians and other full-time personnel and also would enable property tax relief. Primarily authored by House Education Committee Chair Dan Huberty, R-Houston, joint authors include Reps. Diego Bernal, D-San Antonio; John Zerwas, R-Richmond; Ken King, R-Canadian; and Alma Allen, D-Houston.

HB 3’s estimated net cost would be $9.5 billion, covering the fiscal biennium that ends Aug. 31, 2021. In addition to pay increases and incentives, HB 3 would reduce recapture and enable some $2.7 billion in property tax relief. The legislation, among its general provisions, changes the order in which the Foundation School Program is financed so that state-available school funds would be applied before locally generated property tax revenue.

After the House voted, Gov. Greg Abbott applauded lawmakers for their work and said, “Texans are demanding meaningful reforms to our school finance system, and today’s passage of HB 3 in the House is a vital step toward that goal. By reducing recapture, investing more money in our schools and in our teachers, the Legislature is making changes that will have a lasting impact on our education system, and more importantly, our students.”