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Posts published in “Day: June 16, 2020

HARRIS COUNTY COVID-19: Walle announces Housing relief

Harris County Czar Armando Walle announces housing relief.

Recovery Czars Rep. Armando Walle and Marvin Odum Launch Effort to Reduce Evictions and Maintain Affordable Housing

Harris County, Texas – Thursday, June 11, 2020 – County and city recovery leaders on Thursday announced the formation of a task force to prevent evictions while bridging gaps in housing stability that have been exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Housing Stability Task Force, which will include stakeholders with deep experience in the community who touch all points of the housing stability cycle, will align resources to address evictions while developing strategies and recommendations to strengthen the region’s housing delivery system. Although the city and county each have independent czars leading their respective COVID19 recovery efforts, city and county leadership decided to unify their efforts to deal with the unprecedented housing crisis through the creation of a joint task force.

“Evictions were a serious issue before the COVID-19 pandemic, and they will continue to be of great concern throughout the course of the economic downtown. We unfortunately anticipate a substantial increase in the volume in the weeks and months ahead, and we are determined to make our best attempt at proactive planning to reduce as many as we can. The Houston region had systemic barriers to affordable housing before COVID, and the current crisis has exposed in plain sight the underlying system shortcomings,” said State Rep. Armando Walle, Harris County Recovery Czar. “With key players at the table, working together toward the same end goals, we will structure our efforts to be responsive to the immediate crisis, even as we maintain a firm resolve not to lose sight of the importance of future work required to make housing stability a reality for more people.”

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo implements new COVID-19 public threat level system

4-level, color-coded system to help residents navigate current state of virus spread.

Harris County Hospital Admissions Reach Highest Level to Date

Harris County, Texas – June 11, 2020 — As hospital admissions for COVID-19 in Harris County reach their highest level ever, today County Judge Lina Hidalgo unveiled a new public threat level system designed to help residents understand the threat level from COVID-19 and provide clear guidance on steps the general public must take to protect themselves, their community, and support the conditions to avoid a crisis and sustainably reopen the local economy.

The system, informed by the latest data from local health authorities, research institutions, and public health experts, informs a color-coded level indi-levels: Level 1 severe (red), Level 2 significant (orange), Level 3 moderate (yellow), and Level 4 minimal (green). Along with the level of transmission are actions residents should follow: Stay home, (red); minimize all contacts (orange); stay vigilant (yellow); and resume normal contacts (green). To help residents easily understand and navigate the current level of risk, the county has shared an indicator dial on, along with descriptions of the latest data-driven community guidelines.

“We all want to get back to work, see our friends, hug our family, go out to eat, and resume our livelihoods without limitations, but we still have a long road ahead of us to end this epidemic,” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. “We owe it to our residents to make sure we’re providing clear, consistent, and data-based information to keep them as healthy and safe as possible. Our only way out of this crisis is for our community to work together to avoid further uncontrolled transmission of this virus so that we can be in a position to reopen our economy in a way that is sustainable over the long term.”

Regardless of current level indicated, all residents should continue the use of social distancing, frequent hand washing, and the use of face coverings until there is a vaccine or a treatment for the virus. Additionally, residents exposed to COVID-19 should quarantine for 14 days regardless of level indicated.

Consistent with the latest threat data the current level of the advisory system is set to Level 2 (orange): minimize all contacts.

Information and public guidance posture for each level is as follows:

Aldine ISD names new principals for Ermel and Sammons Elementary Schools

Aldine ISD is pleased to announce that Erik Torres and Georgina Foroi have been selected as the new principals for Ermel Elementary and Sammons Elementary, respectively. Both will continue to fulfill their roles as assistant principals at their respective campuses, Goodman Elementary and Kujawa Primary, through the end of the year while transitioning to their new roles.

Foroi will ensure several tasks and projects are completed at Goodman Elementary before she leaves, while also meeting the teams at Sammons Elementary to develop plans for the 2020- 2021 school year. Torres will also begin working with his staff at Ermel.

Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney, Superintendent of Schools, stated, “Leadership matters. Both Georgina and Erik are amazing. Their experience, commitment to student success, understanding of how to support teachers, and their skills to build strong relationships, are evident in their work. These skills are crucial for effective change and improved outcomes. We are looking for these characteristics in leadership as we build on our strategic plan to ensure our students have access to high-quality schools and learning experiences.”