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Posts published in “Day: June 8, 2021

East Aldine to get sculpture by famed Artist

In the artist’s studio East Aldine District Art Committee chairman Carlos Silva, left, views the statue of John F. Kennedy that will be erected in the esplanade of JFK Boulevard at Aldine Bender. At the right is the sculptor, David Adickes. He is well known in the art world for his series of sculptures of presidents’ heads, which can be seen from I-45 Southbound near his downtown studio. Adickes is also best known for the 67’ tall statue of Sam Houston which sits along the I-45 highway in Huntsville.

EAST ALDINE – A huge bust statue of the late president John F. Kennedy may soon mark the northern edge of the District, and greet travelers arriving from Intercontinental Airport.

The Art Committee of the East Aldine District has recommended to the board the purchase and installation of a unique statue of JFK, sculpted by famed artist David Adickes. Adickes is known for the towering statue of Texas hero Sam Houston, which sits along the highway I-45 in Huntsville.

The statue would be located in the median between the northbound and southbound lanes of JFK Boulevard, at the intersection with Aldine Bender.

An artist’s constructed photo shows how the JFK Statue will look as it is installed on a base pedestal in the median or esplanade of JFK Boulevard at Aldine Bender.In this photo, Aldine Bender runs left to right, and JFK Boulevard runs toward and away from the camera. The Statue will serve as a welcome to travelers arriving from the airport toward the city, and also as an introduction to the East Aldine District.

According to Silva, the art committee has a number of projects that would bring public art to East Aldine. These include the Big Walls Big Dreams mural recently painted on the wall at the High Meadows library, Mini Murals on utility boxes, the JFK statue, and a gigantic mural scheduled for the lobby wall of the new East Aldine District office building, that would tell the story graphically of the history of the Aldine Area.

87th Legislature ends, as Democrats walk out to kill Voter Restrictions bill

AUSTIN – A bill to overhaul voting rules in the state failed to pass in the Texas House on Sunday night in a victory for Democrats and voting rights advocates. Sunday was the last day of the legislative session that the bill, Senate Bill 7, could have been passed, but it may be brought up again in the future.

SB7 failed to pass in the Texas House because a group of House Democrats walked out of the legislature, causing the House to lose quorum — in order for certain procedures to take place, such as passing legislation, a certain number of House members must be present — blocking Republicans from passing the bill despite their majority. Birnel said that was all made possible by the work of organizers.

The bill would place limits on early voting hours, drive-thru voting, and tighten restrictions on who can vote by mail. It would also expand the role that poll watchers can play, including allowing them to be closer to the polls and to record certain voters.