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Posts published in “Day: July 20, 2021

Local legislators leave Austin to stop Voter Restriction bill

State Representative Armando Walle, fourth from left, and other Texas legislators meets with U.S. Senator Alex Padilla in his office in D.C., to discuss federal Voter’s Rights legislation, and the bills in the Texas Legislature that the Democrats say will restrict citizen’s right to vote.

Democrats Armando W., Senfronia T., and Carol A. among opponents in D.C.

State Representative Walle Travels to D.C. to Stop Voter Suppression Efforts

HOUSTON – State Representative Armando Walle (D-Houston) released the following statement today regarding his joining over 57 Texas House Democratic Caucus members to break quorum to stop legislation restricting voting rights in Texas:

Unfortunately, we are here again in Washington D.C. today because of the choices of Texas Republican leaders to prioritize so-called “Election Integrity” legislation, or more accurately, voter suppression legislation, over the numerous issues that remain unfinished, like fixing and protecting our Texas grid or COVID relief for our constituents or our public health safety net that is a crisis away from collapse.

While I am here, we are visiting and pleading with Congressional leaders to pass voting rights legislation to protect our citizens’ right to vote and participate in our democracy. I will never understand why we are trying to make it more difficult to vote in Texas, a state already considered the hardest to vote in the country.[i]

Latin Jazz Fills Town Center

Hundreds turned out last Saturday evening for the Inaugural Concert of the new Town Center Amphitheater and stage. Performing were the Diaz Music School Caliente Band, playing “LATIN JAZZ.” Featured performers, as well as the students, were noted Jazz Trumpeter Ray Vega, and Trombonist Andre Hayward. Dance and Music students also performed.

State GLO sends $1.1b to Harris County

Harris County receiving $1.1 billion in infrastructure and mitigation projects

AUSTIN – Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush has announced plans to sub-award $750 million in light of a denial by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of a direct allocation of mitigation funding for Harris County. The General Land Office (GLO) will be drafting an action plan that will include a set aside of Community Development Block Grant Mitigation (CDBG-MIT) funding for $750 million and direct at least $500 million in additional funds to be distributed through the Regional Mitigation Program. Additional details will be released as the action plan amendment is finalized in accordance with HUD rules and federal requirements.

“Money from the federal government is, as always, tied up with endless mounds of red tape and bureaucracy,” said Commissioner George P. Bush. “During Hurricane Harvey, Texans in Harris County undoubtedly suffered some of the costliest damage in the state. After considerable back and forth with the Biden Administration’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, the General Land Office will allocate $750 million in funding for mitigation efforts in Harris County and continue to work around the federal government’s ever-changing bureaucratic demands.”

Sheriff hosts public Bike Ride in park

The public is invited to join with Sheriff’s deputies on Saturday, July 24 starting at 7:30 am registration, 8:30 bike ride. The ride will take place in Deussen Park near Lake Houston.

HARRIS COUNTY – In honor of Park and Recreation Month, the Sheriff’s office celebrates the beauty and value of our local parks and green spaces. They enhance our quality of life and contribute to the well-being of our communities. Our Parks Unit patrols nearly 100 parks across our county. These deputies ensure the parks are safe and welcoming for visitors.

For many, parks were essential mental and physical outlets throughout the pandemic. Our parks are often our first experiences in nature, and our introduction to walking, running, bicycling, and being active outdoors. They are at the center of many memories and a place to come together with friends and family.

Parks also connect us to our neighbors and those who patrol and protect our neighborhoods.