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Posts published in “Day: November 2, 2021

Mural depicting history of Aldine Unveiled at Town Center

This History Mural, 10 x 50 feet in size, is mounted in the lobby of the new East Aldine District Office Building in the new Town Center. From left to right, it depicts the start of Indian civilization in Aldine, progresses through settlers, notes major milestones such as the railroad, fire department, and founding of the Aldine school district, and ends on the right side with a celebration of the diverse cultures of the district, and the improvements signaled by the new EAMD building.

EAST ALDINE DISTRICT BUILDING: Ribbon Cutting signals new era in Aldine

A Ribbon Cutting signaling the Completion of the new East Aldine District Office Building, and the Town Center development, was held last Thursday, Oct. 28. The public joined with all those who had worked to realize the building and the 61 acre center, including EAMD Board Members, Hawes Hill staff, architects and contractors, Harris County Sheriff’s Office, public officials from Harris County and the city, BakerRipley, Lone Star College, Aldine ISD, and a number of local civic and social organizations in East Aldine.

East Aldine unveils dynamic improvements

By Alan Bernstein

HOUSTON — Making it harder to maintain its status as “the best kept secret in Houston,” more than 125 members of the rapidly strengthening East Aldine community today celebrated the grand opening of dynamic public amenities at its Town Center.

Proud residents, elected officials, East Aldine Management District staff and other partners cut a ceremonial ribbon at a three-story office building, a commissioned lobby mural called “Building Community: The Story of Aldine;” an amphitheater and audience lawn; and outdoor recreational features next to the giant Keith-Wiess Park. The project anticipates the needs of the long-overlooked area, just south of Bush Intercontinental Airport, that increased its hard-working, family-rooted population by 63,000 in the last decade, twice the prior number.

The community’s growth, demographics and location make it ripe for further commercial, industrial and retail development, especially as distribution centers and other enterprises take advantage of the area’s availability of land and proximity to the airport and highways.

Cantu daughter is shooting victim

Reports from the Houston PD indicate that a shooting that took place early Sunday morning in North Houston took the life of 18 year old Aleksis Cantu, the daughter of East Aldine District Deputy Director Richard Cantu. She was apparently an innocent victim at a Halloween party, where shooting occurred after an argument among other participants. Several others were wounded. HPD is continuing to investigate, and look for the shooter.

Local Aldine trustee embroiled in national school board controversy

Controversy has arisen from the national media and some conservative parents regarding a letter that the NSBA, the National School Board Association, sent to President Biden asking for “Federal Assistance to Stop Threats and Acts of Violence” against school board officials, school children, and other school officials and educators. The letter was issued over the signature of NSBA Exec. Director Chip Slaven, and Viola Garcia, president of the NSBA and an Aldine ISD trustee.

Criticism has been vocal and widespread throughout the country, with conservative politicians, media, and the public saying that the letter indicates the NSBA wants to curb constitutionally guaranteed free speech, and labels parents and those who speak out on their opinions at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

The NSBA letter notes that critics are against COVID mask mandates, and extend that fear to the subject of Critical Race Theory, which she says is mistakenly thought to be taught in schools, but is not. The letter does ask for assistance from federal law enforcement agencies to secure a safe environment for teaching, and board meetings.

But in comments to this newspaper, Garcia points out that it did not ask for any suppression of free speech, and in fact states that it supports peaceful expression of opinions.

Garcia said that the letter was prompted by the number of contentious and extreme statements made at some school board meetings nationally. School board members are also concerned for their safety, due to threats made at meetings and in their personal life.

EA District loses leader Gerald Overturff


By Anne Marie Kilday

The East Aldine Management District and its friends and supporters are mourning the death of Gerald Overturff, 82, a life-long Aldine resident and community leader who chaired the District board of directors from November 2011 to July 2021.

When he died at a local hospital Thursday night, he had served on the board for 17 years.

Before joining the board, Overturff worked for 31 years for the road and bridge department of Harris County Precinct 4. Two years after retirement he led the creation of the Sunbelt Freshwater Supply District, which serves parts of the Aldine area.

Overturff dedicated himself to the history and culture of the Aldine area, with his encyclopedic and humorous knowledge of the unincorporated area of the county just north of the Houston city limits.

Voting Nov. 2 for TX Amendments

HARRIS COUNTY – Voting will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 2 for a ballot that has attracted little interest among early voters.

The ballot contains 8 propositions to amend the state constitution, but most feel these are minor issues, and voter turnout is low.

The amendments deal with the following issues: taxes, gambling, bond issues, religious services, healthcare, constitutional rights, and veterans services.