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Posts published in “Day: March 1, 2022

Trail Rides, BBQ, Parade open Rodeo Houston

The SPANISH TRAIL RIDE went through Aldine and North Houston. It started in Shepherd, Texas traveling 109 miles. It has 125 riders and 9 wagons. This year is was mourning the loss of its popular trail boss, Joe Cantrell to a tragic accident at home a few days ago.

NORTH HARRIS COUNTY – The Rodeo was in town starting this week, and the evidence was wagon teams and horse riders throughout our city streets. They were headed to Memorial Park, where on Friday night they camped prior to the big Rodeo Parade Saturday morning in downtown Houston. And then on to the Rodeo, which officially starts with events and entertainment on Feb. 28. Another tradition everyone was looking forward to was the BBQ cook-off, since it was not held last year due to the pandemic which canceled the whole Rodeo.

There are 10 Trail Rides that participate in the event, with over 2000 riders, wagons, and horses. They start in small towns around Houston, and proceed to NRG stadium and the Rodeo grounds. The tradition started in 1952 in Brenham. A unique feature of the rides are the stops they make along the way, making friends, sharing western lore, and usually introducing school children to horses and wagons.

The NORTHEASTERN TRAIL RIDE has 150 Riders and 7 wagons. Starting in Cheeks, Texas they stopped in Crosby and Sheldon, camping along the way. They also paid a visit to Sheldon Elementary School on Old Beaumont Highway to visit.

County moves COVID threat to Level 2 ORANGE

Harris County Judge Lowers COVID Threat Level to Orange

Harris County, Texas — February 24, 2022 — Judge Lina Hidalgo today announced that she is lowering the county’s COVID-19 Threat Level Indicator from Level 1: Red to Level 2: Orange. The move comes as positive cases and COVID-19 ICU populations are decreasing.

“The omicron wave hit Harris County very, very hard,” said Judge Hidalgo. “In fact, only now have our hospitalization rates dropped to levels that don’t immediately threaten the capacity of our healthcare system. While we’re moving in the right direction, there are no guarantees we won’t see another wave in the future. My hope is that the on-demand availability of vaccines and treatments will help us to avoid another dangerous spike. I continue to urge folks to get vaccinated. Doing so will allow us to deal with COVID-19 as a manageable risk rather than an emergency that unnecessarily threatens lives and the capacity of our entire healthcare system.”

Level 2: signifies a significant and uncontrolled level of COVID-19 in Harris County, meaning that there is ongoing transmission of the virus. At this level, unvaccinated residents should continue to mask, physically distance, and avoid all medium and large gatherings. Vaccinated individuals should follow the latest local public health guidance on whether to also wear a mask while indoors in public places, in crowded outdoor settings, and for activities with close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated.

16 year old grandson charged in stabbing murder on Vickery

HCSO Deputies from the Crime Scene Unit gathered forensic evidence at the house on Vickery Road where a woman was fatally stabbed last Wednesday night.

ALDINE — Deputies have arrested a 16 year old grandson and charged him with stabbing his 64 year old grandmother to death in her home on Vickery Road, last Wednesday night, February 23rd. The victim was discovered by her husband, when he returned home from work about 6 pm in the evening.


The woman killed was identified as 64-year-old Delia Arriaga. Arriaga was a wife and a mother to 7 children, three biological and four stepchildren. She was a grandmother to 15 and a great-grandmother to three.

Authorities said about 5:55 p.m. Wednesday, Arriaga’s husband arrived at their home in the 13100 block of Vickery Road near Lauder Road, entered and found his wife stabbed repeatedly. Sources said the house appeared to be in disarray. The husband called 911 and tried to perform CPR, but couldn’t save her, police said. Authorities with the Harris County Emergency Corps arrived at the home to attempt CPR on Arriaga until she was pronounced dead.

Investigators have not revealed a motive for the stabbing and questioned family and neighbors. They said forensic evidence led them to the grandson as a suspect.

Aldine ISD fires school aides for not protecting student from bullies

Surveillance video (Purposely Blurred) shows a student at Jones Middle School kicking and pushing 11 year old Sekai, a student with autism spectrum, with several school aides standing by and watching without intervening.

ALDINE — Aldine ISD administration has announced that two aides at Jones Middle School have been fired after not stopping an attack on an 11- year-old boy.

This comes days after the surveillance video of the incident was released. The incident happened at Jones Middle School on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

Video of the incident shows the moment 11- year-old Sekai was attacked by another student. Amid the release of the footage, Sekai’s grandmother pleaded for accountability, as she said the aides did not step in to help the young boy.

“Those adults in that video just stood there. They didn’t attempt to help my child get up off the ground,” said Sekai’s grandmother, Veda Cavitt. “They did not offer him any assistance. They didn’t even check to see if he was injured.”

Primary Election on March 1

HARRIS COUNTY – Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 1 and turnout for the Early Voting has been stronger than usual. Election officials indicate that this is due to interest in key races, such as Texas Governor and Harris County Judge.

Polls are open from 7am to 7pm, and you can vote at any location in Harris County. Locally, BakerRipley on Aldine Mail Route is the closest polling location. Other nearby locations include the Hardy Senior Center, and Pep Mueller Community Center.

Key races include the Governor of Texas, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General. Each Republican incumbent in these seats has a strong challenger. Governor Abbott is expected to win the primary, and face a strong challenge in the November general election from Beto O’Rourke. Interest in this race is the primary reason for the larger turnout.

Cornyn Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

AUSTIN – U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) released the following statement in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:

“America stands with Ukraine, and we will do everything we can to help them defend themselves against the Russian Federation.”

“The United States has played no part in creating this crisis, but we have a responsibility to support the Ukrainian people as they fight to defend their own sovereignty.”

“Putin has tried to get away with as much as he can, and it would be naive to think that he will stop at Ukraine. Ukraine is on the front line of a crisis, but the security of Europe is also in question.”

“This is not just about Ukraine. This is not just about Europe. This is about America’s credibility and that of our friends and allies around the world and our willingness to stand up for our values and defend our freedoms.