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Prosperity Bank opens new branch bank building

EXTERIOR VIEW of the new Prosperity Bank branch office on Little York.

EAST ALDINE – The oldest bank in the Aldine area has a new building and modern new facilities next to their old location on East Little York.

Prosperity Bank is now conducting business from their new branch, which was completed and opened just recently.

The bank announced that they had sold their old three story building next door, and it would be torn down by the new owners, and two fast food restaurants built on the site.

The new building is a one story facility with as many active teller windows and drive-thru lanes as the old building, since this branch is one of the busiest of all 250 locations in the Prosperity Bank network. They have branches throughout Texas and Oklahoma, according to their spokesperson.

Prosperity also has two other offices in the East Aldine district, including one on West Little York, and another on Aldine-Bender.


$500 million in improvements and investments in North Houston District

Business improvement district boosts appeal of North Houston

By Kent Bernhard – Contributor

On May 21, area business leaders and community partners gathered at the new HPD North Belt Division to announce the various improvements coming to the North Houston District.

Excellent access to transportation, major development projects and less crime have all combined to make the North Houston District one of the hottest areas in the city.

“Over the last three years, there’s a really positive vibe in the area,” Greg Simpson, president of the North Houston Management District, says. “We’re very proud.”

The 12-square-mile area bordered by the Hardy Toll Road to the east, Airtex Boulevard/Drive to the north, Veterans Memorial to the west and West Road to the south is in the midst of a major real estate development boom. Its crime rate has fallen thanks to multi-pronged community efforts. And major recreation, beautification and rebranding efforts are under way.

One result of those efforts is the development major projects such as an Amazon distribution center and the $100 million redevelopment of ExxonMobil’s former offices in the area.

Development in the district (more…)

Mayor, superintendent, state representative all attend MacArthur Senior Breakfast

State Representative Armando Walle talks with Superintendent LaTonya Goffney and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner about the education budget.

State Representative Armando Walle is visiting all the schools in Aldine ISD and his District 140, now that the legislative session is over.

He was present at the MacArthur Senior Breakfast, along with Superintendent Goffney and Mayor Turner. He said he was encouraging students to go after their dreams.

“Thanks to our Mayor Sylvester Turner for coming by MacArthur Senior High School’s Senior Breakfast. Appreciate him for being in Aldine and spending time with our kids,” Walle said.

Aldine Education Foundation, Aldine Scholarship Fund award scholarships to graduating Seniors

Aldine ISD Superintendent Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney congratulates an Aldine ISD senior during the Aldine Education’s Scholarship Awards ceremony, held Tuesday, May 14 at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center.

Two hundred eighty-two Aldine ISD seniors received the opportunity to continue their academic careers by receiving either Aldine Education Foundation (AEF) or Aldine Scholarship Fund (ASF) scholarships during an awards ceremony this spring at the M.O. Campbell Educational Center.

AEF incorporated in 2012 to enable more Aldine ISD students to receive financial support for colleges of their choice, to award grants to educators for innovative instructional programs and to recognize and reward excellence in educators and students.

ASF, now under the direction of the Lone Star College Foundation, has a permanent endowment totaling more than $2 million, which sends AISD students to Lone Star College.

During the ceremony, AEF awarded 147 scholarships and 135 AISD seniors received ASF scholarships. The scholarships awarded this year totaled $573,000. That’s an increase of 31 scholarships from the 2017-18 school year.

“Because of significant support from Noble Drilling, this is the third consecutive year AEF was able to award a four-year, $20,000 scholarship to a graduate from each of Aldine ISD’s high schools,” said AEF Director Michele McGovern. “Additionally, the amazing support of Aldine ISD staff through payroll deductions funded $98,000 in scholarship funds for 26 students.”

Prior to the awarding of the scholarships, Aldine ISD Superintendent Dr. LaTonya M. Goffney delivered the Superintendent’s Challenge to this year’s scholarship recipients.

“You have done so much to get yourselves here – skipped social events to study, stayed after school to work on projects, all the things that it takes to meet your goals,” she said. “It is those traits – hard work, determination, and sacrifice that make you a true scholar and those same traits will suit you well as you go into the next chapter of life.”

She also challenged the scholarship recipients to embrace this next chapter in their lives.


Pct. 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia hosts Community Meetings

Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s Advisory Board is hosting a series of community meetings in Precinct 2.

The meetings are a great opportunity for residents to share their vision for Precinct 2 and give input on topics such as education, health, flooding, housing and the environment.

The upcoming meetings will take place at different locations.

Please see below for the full list and Topics. (more…)

Comm. Garcia proposes 1 million dollars for countywide land trust program

Commissioner Adrian Garcia

HARRIS COUNTY, TX – May 14th – Commissioner Adrian Garcia has proposed to invest one million dollars in a new Land Trust pilot program that could give Harris County residents an opportunity to own a home.

On Tuesday, Commissioner Garcia requested the court discuss and approve the establishment of a Land Trust Program for Unincorporated Harris County. Under the current proposal, the program would operate as a Community Land Trust (CLT) nonprofit owned by the county and will have the ability to acquire land, including accepting land currently owned by the county. The acquired land will be used to develop affordable housing, which will be made available to low- and moderate-income families at below-market rates. The County will continue to own the land and lease it to the homeowner. In exchange for purchasing a CLT home at an affordable price, buyers agree to resell at a price that is affordable for future low-income owners. A likely scenario would include a 99-year lease that may be renewed and inherited.

“My Precinct has the highest percentage of renters among all 4 precincts. Most residents rent because they cannot afford to own and I want to change this. This type of program makes homeownership accessible to those who may not be able to do it otherwise,” said Commissioner Garcia.


Eisehnhower students win bus shelter design contest

Left to Right: Michael Martinez, Roberto Trevino, Todd Lindeman, Eliezer Guillen, Sergio Garcia, Hector Baltazar, Remelia Arpino, METRO CEO Tom Lambert



Eisenhower High School’s design team will see its METRO bus shelter idea move from concept to construction. The team beat out eight other teams in a district-wide bus shelter design contest that enhances the school’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Program. The competition started with 50 teams from across the district before narrowing to eight finalists. Last month, each team presented a 3-D printed model of their design along with a short presentation explaining their prototype to METRO staff.

“All of the teams articulated their concepts very well and followed the guidelines we gave them, and it was difficult picking just one winner,” said Roberto Treviño, executive vice president of planning, engineering, and construction. “We could tell all the teams worked hard on their project and presentation.”

The groups were judged on their presentation skills, creativity, design concept, budget, 3-D printed model sample, and team work. The winning design was a sleek, curved structure that provided more seating and a solar panel which powered lighting.


North Forest area plans New Management District

SB390 Bill promoters include State Representatives Harold Dutton and Senfronia Thompson, Pastor Lightfoot, SB390 bill sponsor Senator Borris Miles, and Charles Noble, president of the Fontaine/Scenic Wood Civic club.The North Forest and Northeast Houston neighborhoods are about to get their own management district, pending the final vote and signature of the governor.

A group of citizens, headed by State Senator Borris Miles, have been working to get approval of SB390, and the votes in committee in both the House and Senate have been unanimous. Without any opposition, the bill is expected to pass before the end of the session in June.

A management district, with power to assess money through taxes and assessments of various sorts, would make a huge difference in the quality of life, and services available in the Northeast Houston area, according to Miles.


LSC-East Aldine Center Open House reveals Opportunities Coming in August

Lone Star College-EAC information booth.

Houston, TX (May 9, 2019) — The East Aldine community was treated to a festive atmosphere on Saturday, May 4, as Lone Star College-East Aldine Center (LSC-East Aldine Center) welcomed more than 350 visitors to an open house community awareness event at the BakerRipley East Aldine Campus.

“I am proud to be on a team of faculty, staff, volunteers and community partners that are working hard to bring a new educational opportunity to the East Aldine community,” said Dr. Luis Lucio, LSCEast Aldine Center dean. “We look forward to welcoming students this August and to help them with their educational journey.”

The opening of LSC-East Aldine Center represents the culmination of work from many people and groups, including partner agencies BakerRipley East Aldine Campus and the East Aldine Management District, and Aldine Independent School District.

LSC-East Aldine Center will be housed in a new 80,000 square foot educational center in the East Aldine Town Center. In addition to instruction, onsite services will include registration, college placement testing, free tutoring, academic and career advising, financial aid assistance and a bookstore.

The new center will be a comprehensive educational campus nestled in the heart of the Aldine community that provides a mix of academic college transfer courses, as well as, workforce training programs in high-demand fields such as healthcare and construction trades. (more…)

LSC- East Aldine Center holds Open House


Community turns out at BakerRipley for Lone Star College

ALDINE – The East Aldine community will have a brand new option for high-quality academic and workforce training beginning this fall. On Saturday, May 4, Lone Star CollegeEast Aldine Center welcomed the public to an open house community awareness event from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the BakerRipley – East Aldine Campus, 3000 Aldine Mail Route Rd.

Dr. Luis Lucio, dean LSC-East Aldine Center, was the host for the event. He commented, “I have waited a long time to be able to say it, but now Lone Star CollegeEast Aldine Center is open for registration for students for the fall semester!” Lucio continued, “I am proud of the work we, along with our partners, have done to reach this point. Lone Star CollegeEast Aldine Center will bring affordable education opportunities and the expertise of LSC faculty and staff to the East Aldine neighborhood.”

The opening of LSC-East Aldine Center represents the culmination of years of work from many people and groups, including partner agencies BakerRipley and the East Aldine Management District.

This event was a festive affair and attended by prospective students and family. High school students interested in nearby college class options, adults interested in high-tech workforce training and seniors interested in their grandchildren’s education had the opportunity to meet educators in person and learn about the value LSC-East Aldine will provide.