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Aldine ISD to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Carver High School’s Mariachi band will be featured this month.

ALDINE – Schools across the district will celebrate the diversity, culture, traditions, and contributions of Hispanics during September and October. AISD recognizes the diversity in our schools and workplaces.

National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates a diverse group of people. They trace their roots to Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries in North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Of the district’s student population, nearly 75 percent are Hispanic. They represent many Spanish-speaking countries.


Depending on how you count, there are 22 Spanish-speaking countries in the world.

More than 450 million native speakers of Spanish, making it second only to Chinese in terms of the most spoken languages in the world. English is just behind Spanish, with approximately 360 million native speakers.

Additional flood detention basin under construction near Aldine-Westfield

ALDINE – In July 2021, the Flood Control District began construction of the P518-11-00 stormwater detention basin, located between Halls Bayou and Isom Street.

Bond Project C-25 is part of the Halls Implementation Program, a watershed-wide effort to implement the 12 flood risk reduction projects identified in the 2018 Bond Program. This approximately 180 acre foot wet-bottom stormwater detention basin is expected to hold approximately 59 million gallons of water, or 89 Olympic-sized swimming pools, once complete.

This project is funded by the 2018 Bond Program and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant for Disaster Recovery program.

Construction equipment will access the work area via Aldine-Westfield Road. The contractor will use heavy construction equipment such as dump trucks, excavators, and bulldozers to remove trees, vegetation, and excavated soil. Motorists are urged to be alert to truck traffic when passing near construction access points and along truck routes.

Drainage project underway in Castlewood

GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONIES were held last Wednesday, Sept. 8th and included Pct. 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia, Castlewood’s Connie Esparza, Selina Valdez, and representatives of the HC Flood Control and Engineering Departments.

By Gilbert Hoffman

EAST ALDINE – Groundbreaking ceremonies were held last Wednesday, September 8th to mark the start of construction for Subdivision Drainage project E-09 in Castlewood Addition Sections 3 and 4. This is one of over 100 subdivision drainage projects in the county that Harris County Flood Control District is undertaking with bond money from the 2018 Flood Bond issue.

Commissioner Garcia refers to these projects as turning into “smart communities” to mitigate future flooding.

The project will cost about $14.9 million dollars, including an additional $1.2 million to replace water lines not in the original plan.

Construction will start September 15, at Connorvale, and end up 14 months later at Woodgate.

Community members concerned about new “Permitless Carry” law

Participating in the on-line discussion were (L-R) Houston Police Department Executive Assistant Chief Larry Satterwhite, Pct. 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia (a former Harris County Sheriff), and Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Edison Toquica. The public was invited to call in with their views also.

Commissioner Garcia moderates discussion with law enforcement

Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia led a discussion last Wednesday, September 1 on the concerns surrounding the new law. The panel consisted of law enforcement officials and domestic violence advocates, among others.

Law enforcement officials want people to make sure they understand the law before doing anything that could put themselves or others in danger.

“Make sure that you understand the law and make sure you get trained to use that weapon,” Harris County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Toquica said.

“With permit-less carry officially going into effect September 1, the state’s record shows loosening weapon restrictions only make living in Texas more dangerous.”

Voter Regulations bill passes, Abbott ready to sign controversial legislation

AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today issued a statement following the passage of Senate Bill 1, which Republicans say will protect the integrity of elections in Texas:

“Protecting the integrity of our elections is critical in the state of Texas, which is why I made election integrity an emergency item during the 87th Legislative Session. I thank Senator Brian Hughes, Representative Andrew Murr, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and Speaker Dade Phelan for stepping up to ensure that this bill made it to the finish line during the second special session. Senate Bill 1 will solidify trust and confidence in the outcome of our elections by making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. I look forward to signing Senate Bill 1 into law, ensuring election integrity in Texas.”

Senate Bill 1 creates uniform statewide voting hours, maintains and expands voting access for registered voters that need assistance, prohibits drive-through voting, and authorizes poll watchers to observe more aspects of the election process. The bill also bans and penalizes the distribution of unsolicited applications for mail-in ballots and gives voters with a defective mail-in ballot the opportunity to correct the defect.


AVOID EVICTION: Rent Relief available from Harris County

Money available for Residents Facing Eviction

HOUSTON — (August 27, 2021) — The Harris County Community Services Department has funds available for emergency rent relief for tenants living in unincorporated Harris County who are financially affected by COVID-19. The deadline to apply for aid was just extended to Nov. 30.

“People who find themselves in a bind right now may never have needed help before and they don’t know where to turn,” said Dr. Adrienne Holloway, executive director of CSD. “We want them to know we have resources and we are here to help.”

Special Election For Constitutional Amendments

AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott has issued a proclamation setting Tuesday, November 2, 2021 as the special election day for eight proposed constitutional amendments in Texas. The eight proposed constitutional amendments on the ballot are:

PROPOSITION 1: The constitutional amendment authorizing the professional sports team charitable foundations of organizations sanctioned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association or the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association to conduct charitable raffles at rodeo venues.

PROPOSITION 2: The constitutional amendment authorizing a county to finance the development or redevelopment of transportation or infrastructure in unproductive, underdeveloped, or blighted areas in the county.

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Lone Star College offers student debt forgiveness

Lone Star College students who owed money in fall 2020, summer 2020 and spring 2021 will have their debt forgiven, allowing them to register for fall classes.

Houston (Aug. 25, 2021) – Lone Star College has forgiven student debt and unpaid balances for students who owed money in fall 2020, summer 2020 and spring 2021, allowing them to register for fall classes. LSC used federal stimulus funds to pay the outstanding balance of $2.5 million for 4,028 LSC students.

“Lone Star College remains determined to remove obstacles students face so that they can finish their education,” said Stephen C. Head, Ph.D., LSC chancellor. “Making these funds available will allow students the opportunity to return to the classroom this fall.”

Aldine officer praised for Heroic effort to save two in fiery crash


Aldine ISD Police Chief Paul Córdova recognized Captain Marc Harris for commendable actions at the Board of Trustees meeting on August 17.

Chief Córdova shared how on July 23, around noon, Harris was offduty and in plain clothes, driving north on I-45, when he noticed a severe traffic accident that had just occurred at the I-10 interchange.

Harris saw that both vehicles were on fire, and both drivers were still in their vehicles. He exited his vehicle and found that a female driver was conscious but unable to get out because the driver’s door had become inoperable due to the crash. Harris quickly broke out the passenger window and extricated the woman from the passenger side with the assistance of an unknown citizen.

He also noticed that the male driver remained in the other vehicle. He was unaware of the danger he was in as his vehicle was on fire. Harris removed the driver from his vehicle to safety before both vehicles became fully engulfed with a raging fire.