Northline Park Storefront gears up for Hispanic community meeting

The Houston Police Department’s Northline Park Storefront has organized a steering committee to form the Northside/Northline Hispanic Positive Interaction Program (Hispanic PIP). Community leaders and HPD Northline Park Storefront gear up for the first monthly meeting set for Thursday, October 4, 7:00 P.M. at 10020 Bauman. The meetings will be conducted in Spanish in an effort to reach non-English speaking Hispanics. English translation will be available.

The HPD Northline Park Storefront strives to identify and solve safety and quality of life issues that affect several northside communities through a coordinated effort between the community and HPD. Hispanic leaders and HPD personnel have been meeting to plan and organize The Northside/Northline Hispanic Positive Interaction Program. Stakeholders attending the meeting included representatives from non-profits, churches, schools, and businesses.

The goal is to encourage residents to work together to identify, prioritize and address the needs and concerns of the community by providing a Spanish speaking forum.

Furthermore, this Hispanic PIP will assist in creating a manageable framework for community action which will allow the city to provide services more efficiently. The Northside/Northline Hispanic Interactive Program is another avenue for city government to become more responsive to concerns of Houston residents. The Northline Park Storefront and the city will work with the Hispanics to address problems, ensure prompt, courteous and efficient delivery of city services and focus attention on neighborhood priorities for public infrastructure and other needed improvements.

Once the Hispanic PIP is created, the Northline Park Storefront will work with the community and hold meetings every first Thursday of the month to discuss concerns and find solutions. Additionally, the goal of the meetings is to form a strong link between the residents and city government by communicating directly with key personnel in various city departments regarding the delivery of city services and other issues affecting the neighborhood as a whole. The Hispanic PIP will serve as a forum where residents, businesses, schools, and churches can discuss Issues impacting their neighborhood and ultimately reach a consensus on high priority projects to improve the overall community.