World leader, Lech Walesa, to speak at North Harris College

Lech Walesa, the former president of Poland, Solidarity movement leader andNobel Peace Prize winner will be speaking at North Harris College, Thursday, Sept. 27, 3 p.m. in the college’s performing arts theater.

Walesa’s topic “Democracy: the Never Ending Battle,” will undoubtedly inspire the audience on the ideals and struggle of democracy around the world. “This is a wonderful opportunity to promote the global dimensions of North Harris College’s programs, students and community members. Attendees will see someone who has made history, and will be read about for many years to come,” says Dr. David Sam, president of North Harris College.

Over the past ten years, a profound democratic revolution has reshaped the world political order and helped secure global economic prosperity. The seeds for this change began in the shipyards of Poland, with the leadership of Lech Walesa.

Walesa, as leader of Solidarity labor union, led a revolt at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland that inspired fear in the hearts of communist leadership and hope in the hearts of those starved for freedom. Despite martial law, repeated imprisonment, and constant surveillance, Walesa prevailed. His leadership of Solidarity fostered the end of communist rule in Poland, and quickly the seeds of democracy spread throughout Eastern Europe.

Walesa won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, and has received praise from around the world. He was named Man of the Year by Time Magazine, The London Observer, L’Express, and others. In November 1989, he became the third person in history, after the Marquis de Lafayette and Winston Churchill, to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress. On Dec. 9, 1990, Lech Walesa became the first democratically elected president of the Republic of Poland, serving in that role until 1995.

“The lessons of history, particularly the knowledge that one man can make a difference, are right here. Lech Walesa is an international role model, a key player in the study of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the rebirth of Poland. The goals of democratic reform are never-ending, nor easy, and students need to be reminded of what freedom and democracy actually mean.

North Harris College is honored to have such an extraordinary international and distinguished speaker as Lech Walesa visit the campus,” says Dr. Theresa McGinley, NHC professor of history, and coordinator of the event.

“North Harris College is indebted to Linda Wuest, Executive Director of the Houston World Affairs Council for graciously co-sponsoring this event,” say Dr. McGinley.

This special lecture is free to the public. Seating is very limited, but remote television broadcast will be available around campus.

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