Northline Terrace to hold neighborhood garage sale

What is the difference between a garage sale and a flea market? According to the President and Founder of the Northline Terrace Civic Club, very little, if everyone in the subdivision or neighborhood holds a garage sale on the very same day.
The Northline Terrace Civic Club has planned an all day garage sale by residents of the subdivision from 8:00 a.m. until it’s time to quit on Saturday, November 3 (rain date set for Saturday, November 10).

The boundaries for Northline Terrace which includes approximately 1,000 homes, runs from 1-45 North (west boundary) to Rockcliff (east boundary) and from 249 (north boundary) to Canino Rd (south boundary).

There will be yellow garage sale Signs posted at all entrances directing potential buyers to all participants.

Because of the wide participation by residents, there will be a wide variety of household and usable goods to chose from. Everyone is invited to come.