Opening of Escapade 2001 on track despite flooding from tropical storm

Escapade 2001 is nearing completion. The club plans to open in mid-November.

In spite of construction delays caused by Tropical Storm Allison in early June, Escapade 2001, the exciting new entertainment venue coming to northeast Houston, expects to open in mid-November as planned.

Dozens of workers are scrambling to complete the 40,000 square foot main structure and 10 acres of paved parking in time for the grand opening.
The building will have 25,000 square feet on the first floor and 15,000 on the cut-away second which will include an area devoted to pool tables. Both floors will have seating, restrooms, beverage service and dance floors.

The Norteno Hispanic music will be provided by arena-quality concert speakers suspended from the ceiling and arena-quality woofer-subwoofer speakers mounted in bunkers under the stage and at the rear of the main dance floor. The music will be accompanied by incredible lighting displays provided by state-of-the art, computer controlled equipment found only in the most sophisticated concert presentations.

Escapade 2001 will have several video components including two 20-foot screens at the back of the stage, twenty-five 25 inch televisions mounted throughout the club and 4 DDS satellite receivers that will allow an unusual mix of programming to be broadcast on both levels.

In order to assure that the 18 and over “family nightclub” provides an exciting multi-sensory experience without sacrificing safety, the club will rigorously control alcohol consumption using a system of color-coded hospital-style bracelets in addition to security personnel who will monitor activity throughout the club. Extra precautions will be taken to insure that the restrooms do not provide a location for illegal or unwholesome activities and any guest found in violation will be ejected.

The parking lot will be well-lit and patrolled by off-duty Harris County officers. Both valet and handicapped parking and full handicapped access will also be provided.

Escapade 2001 will provide an exciting new entertainment option for Houstonians where any occasion is sure to be a special occasion.