This week’s Crime Stoppers report involves the burglary of a drugstore in NASA Bay.

On Monday April 23rd at approximately 4:13 a.m. two suspects burglarized a drugstore located in the 1600 block of NASA Road I and stole a large quantity of cigarettes. The suspects shattered the glass in the lower half of the front door. They crawled through the opening and located the locked cigarette area. The suspects forced it open and filled large trash bags with cartons of cigarettes. They then fled the scene on foot eastbound through the parking lot. The suspects were photographed in the act by a security surveillance camera.

There have been 24 similar burglaries since January in the Houston area with the same method of operation. A security camera photographed several of these burglaries. Police believe that due to the method used in these burglaries and the suspects’ descriptions these burglaries may be connected. Anyone with information in regards to this case or any information on the identity or location of the suspects involved in this case is urged to call Crime Stoppers.

The suspects are described as having thin builds. They were wearing a dark clothing, hoods and baseball caps.

CRIME STOPPERS will pay cash rewards of up to $ 5,000.00 for information that results in the arrest and charging of a suspect or suspects in any felony crime.

Call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS/713-222-4477 Toll Free 1-877-999-TIPS – Free Wireless Call * (star) TIPS – www.crime-stoppers.org. Tipsters may receive as much as $5,000.00 in specific felony cases where the public is deemed to be at a higher risk of being victimized. Your Identity will remain Anonymous!