Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo adds $8.5 million to educational commitment

Underscoring a commitment to the youth of Texas, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo officials approved $8.5 million in contributions for scholarships and educational programs for 2001-2002. With this annual allotment, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has committed more than $85 million to the youth of Texas through scholarships and educational programs since 1957.

“It’s more important to our future now than ever that we educate the state’s young people,” said P. Michael Wells, president of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

“The $85 million that we have contributed since 1957 has provided tens of thousands of students with college educations and provided educational programs for a countless number more.”

One of the hallmarks of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is its scholarship program and the students it reaches in both the Houston area and statewide. The Show’s largest scholarship program – the Metropolitan Scholarships – directly benefits Houston-area students. For 2001-2002, the number of four-year, $10,000 scholarships has been increased to 188.

The Show will continue its commitment to agriculture with 70 four-year, $10,000 scholarships to both Texas 4-H and Texas FFA students, for an annual contribution of $1.4 million. Rewarding students from across the state, this is the Show’s oldest and second largest scholarship program.
Other Show scholarship programs include:

•Four-year, $10,000 Opportunity Scholarships will be presented to 100 students from Houston and surrounding counties.

•Fifteen students will receive four-year, $10,000 School Art Scholarships.

•Each of the 60 Area Go Texan counties is guaranteed a one-year, $2,500 scholarship for an eligible student representing the respective county. These scholarships may be upgraded to two-year, $5,000 or four-year, $10,000 scholarships, based on the county’s participation and performance in Show events.

•Ten four-year, $10,000 scholarships will be presented through the Texas Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

•The Show will award eight scholarships for students pursuing doctor of veterinary medicine degrees at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine.

•Four students in the Texas Christian University Ranch Management Program will receive scholarships from the Show.

•Two junior college transfer students will be awarded scholarships to pursue agricultural majors. For the fall 2001 semester, 1,681 students are enrolled at 84 Texas colleges and universities on direct Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo scholarships.

While the Show may be best known for its scholarships, the educational programs it supports are just as far reaching. Among the programs that benefit from this 2001-2002 funding are the Texas 4-H Foundation, State 4-H Congress, Texas FFA Foundation, State FFA Leadership School, National FFA Foundation, Cowboy Artists of America workshops, Glassell summer workshops, congressional intern programs at Texas A&M University and Texas Tech University, Texas Young Farmers, Prairie View A&M Leadership Lab, Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership, Eisenhower Leadership, Beef Cattle Short Course and the Animal Welfare Council.

Show-contributed educational grants also support the work of the Alley Theatre, CrimeStoppers of Houston, Education for Tomorrow Alliance, Houston Automobile Dealers Association Earning by Learning Program, Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony, International Stockmen’s Educational Foundation, Prairie View A&M University, Sam Houston State University, Texas A&M University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, University of Houston, University of Texas at Austin Texas Center for Reading and Language Arts, Texas Cooperative Extension Service, Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation, Professional Ag Workers of Texas, Texas Aerospace Scholars Program and Texas Farm Bureau.
One of the brightest stars of the Show’s education program is the Rodeo Institute for Teacher Excellence. This innovative program has been implemented in Houston and Aldine Independent School Districts to train teachers in classroom management techniques and phonics-based reading programs.

Through RITE, students in pre-kindergarten through third grade are learning to read.

For more information on the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and its activities, visit the Show’s Web site at www.rodeohouston.com.