A loud crash, a red flash, and a life ends.
Lost spouses, lost children, and lost friends
Tears of angels fall to the ground
Mourning the thousands never to be found
A wounded nation rises above
Holding it’s ground, when push comes to shove
Visions of people falling like rain
A grotesque sculpture of perverse pain
A guilty man sits among his friends
And laughs aloud time and again
A country’s eyes narrow in rage
History books earn a new page
A religious battle taken too far
Leading to an international war
One man’s power costs thousands of lives
Grown men cry who lost their wives
Fear of death spreads like fire
Feeding a madman’s hellish desire
Bin laden now runs scared and meek
Shuddering as his power grows weak
For while he tries as he well may
God has blessed the USA.

For Jason Grimm
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Grimm of Tomball
Grandson of Granny Riche
We just want him to know how proud we are of him, and keep up the good work.