Harris County Flood Control District eligible for $15.3 million for flood mitigation project

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced last Thursday the approval of a $15.3 million grant to the Harris County Flood Control District aimed at removing individuals and property from harm’s way.

The flood mitigation project, approved under FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP), is designed to acquire and demolish substantially damaged structures at risk of future flooding in the City of Houston.

All acquired parcels wi1l be converted to open space.

The cost for this flood reduction effort is approved for $20,481,713 with federal funding of $15,361,284. As in previous Tropical Storm Allison acquisition projects, FEMA is paying for 75 percent of project costs. The remaining 25% will be paid locally. Participation in the program by owners of the eligible properties is strictly voluntary: only those properties voluntarily offered for sale to the program will be considered for purchase.

“These funds are a cost-effective measure aimed at reducing or eliminating future risks to human life and property due to natural hazards,” said FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer Scott Wells. “Mitigation funds are designed to help break the cycle of damage, reconstruction and repeated damage that has been typical with past disasters.”

The approval of this mitigation grant brings the total flood damaged homes proposed for acquisition to more than $37,815,686 in the City of Houston and more than $57,014,235 throughout the communities affected by Tropical Storm Allison in June.