Numident printouts no longer available from local SS office

Effective Monday January 14, 2002, the local Social Security offices are no longer providing Numident print Outs as verification of a person’s Social Security number. The Numident, extracted from Agency records, contains a person’s full name, date and place of birth, Social Security number as well as parents’ names.

Often third parties have access to Numident information. This greatly increases the Social Security number holder’s vulnerability to identity theft and fraud.

Social Security will now be issuing an abbreviated version of the Social Security number verification. It will only contain the person’s name and Social Security number. Social Security continues to stress that the primary verification of a person’s Social Security number is their Social Security card.

If a person insists on receiving the Numident, he will be given an address in Baltimore where he can request such a record. He is also subject to a $16 fee for such a request If the Social Security number is unknown, the processing fee goes up to $18.