Houston based annual Bob Marley Festival begins 12th annual tour

The 12th Annual Bob Marley “Rasta Man Vibration” Tour will travel to approximately twenty cities next year spreading Bob Marley’s message of peace, unity and “one love.” Over the last 11 years, the Tour has visited 45 cities in the United States and abroad making it the longest annually touring festival in the world.

Tickets for the Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour are available at all Ticketmaster Outlets and online at www.ticketmaster.com. Ticket prices in most cities are: $5 presale, plus service charge and $7-$10 day-of-show. In the spirit of Bob Marley, fans can get into the Festival from Noon to 3:00 PM each day by donating $5 in cash or $8 in food.

In 1991, the Festival began its tradition of asking the public for donations to charities in lieu of admission during the first 3 hours each day. Over the last 10 years, this tradition has generated over $245,000 in cash and over 1 million pounds of food, school supplies and books for organizations throughout the US. Donations of cash and food during next year’s Tour will benefit nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations at each stop.

According to Bob Marley, “Rasta Man Vibration” is “the positive energy that true believing Rasta’s project at all times to Jah’s (God’s) People. Everyone, regardless of race, is a Rasta deep within; it is up to the person to recognize this. Therefore one does not turn Rasta, Rastafari turns one. One does not become Rasta, One becomes conscious of Rasta.” Tour Founder, Sirron Kyles adds: “The Tour’s objective is to spread the positive energy of the Rasta’s much needed messages of peace and unity to all nations and races.”

The Tour features performances by the next generation of reggae and world beat music superstars. A core group of 25 acts are selected to be part of the Tour each year. In each city on the Tour, local bands are also selected to provide a unique local character to the Festival.

Dance troupes, jugglers, and poets provide offstage entertainment along the Tour. Children of all ages will enjoy our Playscape Village featuring games, rides and storytellers. As in previous years, the Tour will feature Caribbean, African, and Third World arts and crafts along with some of the best foods from these regions. Many of these vendors travel from city to city with the Tour.

Please remember, no food, beverages or glass containers will be allowed into the Festival. For more information, or to inquire about participation in the festival as a volunteer or performer, please call the local producer or the National Bob Marley Festival Hotline at 713 688-3773 or 713 688-3900. Vendors should call 713 807-9945 (geniistar@yahoo.com) or 713 688-3900. The Festival can also be reached by email at: bobmarleyfest@juno.com and on the Internet at: www.bobmarley-festival.com

The 2002 Annual Bob Marley Festival Tour is not associated with any other event. The Festival is produced nationwide by SV Kyles & Associates in conjunction with EarthWorks Productions.