New Social Security office is now open

Although it is not yet fully settled in, the staff of the Houston Northeast Social Security office is ready to help area residents with their various questions and claims.

The new building at 5414 Aldine Mail Route, just east of US 59, opened on March 4th. There is still a lot of moving in to be done, file cabinets line the halls waiting final placement, but the necessary tools are in place and Social Security business is being conducted as usual.

The spacious new building took more than two years to complete, from the first design to the final touches. It is light, airy and comfortable for both the workers and their clients.

Many visitors to the office have simple requests that can be handled at one of several service windows. All others are encouraged to call for an appointment with one of the 36 staff members who assist clients applying for disability of retirement benefits.

The Houston Northeast office serves almost 160,000 households in 6 zip codes including Huffman, Humble and Kingwood. As of September, 2001 almost 45,000 residents in that area were receiving Social Security benefits of some kind.

The new facility will allow the staff to better serve those residents, assuring that the process is as quick, easy and friendly as possible.