In Memory of Gerald Lee Bell, Sr.

August 1945 – April 1996

It has been 6 years since your sudden death. That day we will never forget. Life without you has made a big void in all our lives. Nothing has been the same without your presence and that smile on your face. We think of you every day, some days more than others. We miss you oh, so very much. We will always love you. Wife Esther Bell; children Gerald, Jr., Marvin (Black), Ramona (Mona), Ronald Sr. (Blue), Spencettia (Spenny;) grand-children Tangie, Gerald, Kierra (Ke-Ke), Shawn, Jr. (Dray), Ronald Jr. (Bootie), Leotryce (Trice), Gerald III (Poppa), Nasia and Katino (Cut Cut.)