SBC Pioneers distribute special books to students

SBC Southwestern Bell Pioneers and mascot, Wally Wordsworth read to students at Fonwood Elementary. The Pioneers donated $1,000 and more than 950 “A Book About Me” books which promote self-esteem and the importance of staying in school.

On March 23, the SBC Southwestern Bell Pioneers distributed more than 950 copies of “A Book About Me,” a book written to improve reading skills and encourage self esteem, to each second-grade student in the North Forest School District including Hilliard Elementary, Shadydale Elementary, Fonwood Elementary, Rogers Elementary and Tidwell Elementary

The North Forest area, was one of the most devastated by Tropical Storm Allison, losing two elementary schools to rain and flood damage.

The Pioneers have also donated more than 2,000 library books to the North Forest District’s libraries, spent numerous hours tutoring its students and donated money for repairs to its facilities that were affected by Tropical Storm Allison.

“A Book About Me” books are personalized with the child’s name, the name of two friends, and the name of the child’s teacher, school, principal, city and state. The books use the name of the child and two friends to explore such issues as self-esteem, sharing, learning, reading and writing, and the importance of staying in school.

The Pioneer’s sponsorship of this literacy program includes the distribution of more than 9,370 books throughout Southeast Texas.