Endangered Lizards seen at Jones Park

Longtime residents of the area often talk of encountering a small animal scurrying across the ground, resembling a miniature dinosaur, complete with scaly skin and fierce looking horns around its neck, and capable of spitting blood from its eyes. And although it has not been found here for many years, the Texas Horned Lizard, or Horny Toad as it is sometimes called in error, is endeared forever in the hearts and minds of many Texans. To learn more about Texas’ state reptile and other kinds of horned lizards, come to Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center Saturday, July 13 at 10 a.m. for Horned Lizards. Cheryl Franks of the Horned Lizard Conservation Society leads a discussion about the habitat and characteristics of one of the most unusual and threatened reptiles in Texas.

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