West Nile virus Update

Harris County Mosquito Control has received confirmation that 16 more dead birds have tested positive with the West Nile virus – fifteen Blue Jays and one American Crow. All but one were from northwest Harris County, the exception being one dead Blue Jay found in Bellaire in Key Map 531 H.
There are now a total of 31 dead birds that have tested positive for WNv. Confirmation testing continues on dead birds recently collected at various sites in Harris County.

Dead Bird Collection: Dead birds are no longer needed for testing from the following Zip Codes because West Nile virus has already been identified in these areas: 77024, 77037, 77043, 77055, 77060, 77068, 77079, 77080, 77088, 77091, 77092, 77388 Residents living in the following Zip Codes who find a dead Blue Jay or Crow should place the dead bird in a plastic bag and dispose of it.

Harris County health officials urge residents to help control mosquitoes and prevent disease by following a few preventive measures. These will help reduce the likelihood of exposure to mosquitoes.

To help eliminate mosquito breeding sites and prevent mosquito-borne diseases:

1. Wear long pants and long sleeved shirts when outdoors particularly at dawn and dusk.

2. Make sure screens on windows and doors are in good condition.

3. Use mosquito repellent when outdoors. Be sure to use according to the label – less than 10% DEET for children.

4. Eliminate standing water, old tires, cans and blocked gutters from your property.

5. Maintain your swimming pools. Empty, invert or cover swimming pools when not in use.

6. Keep birdbaths clean. Change the water at least once a week.

7. Report mosquito concerns to your local mosquito control agency.

8. To control mosquitoes inside a house, use a “flying insect spray”. Be sure to use according to directions on the label.