Driver crashes into Thompson Elementary

On Monday

Students at Thompson Elementary school received a big surprise last Tuesday morning when they came to school and saw a big hole in the wall of a first grade classroom.
Monday Oct. 6, around 7 PM a suspected drunk driver busted through metal parking lot gates, crossed the large parking lot, hit the principal’s car, and came to a final stop after hitting the wall of the school.

The driver, another adult, and two young children were in the vehicle at the time of the accident.
The driver fled the scene and hid in a nearby apartment complex. ALDINE ISD police, with the help of neighborhood witnesses later arrested him. A number of charges are pending.
“Luckily, there were no children around,” said Mike Keeney, Aldine public relations officer. There was one fatality, however. The first graders’ class pet, a hamster died as a result of the accident.
Aldine workers cleaned up the scene Monday night and boarded up the hole. Classes continued the next day with the first grade class moved to an empty pod.
“They had a classroom to go to the next morning,” Keeney said.
The students will remain in the other pod until workers can reconnect wiring in the old classroom.