Songs at Mountbatten House, memories of the river

Got invited to a singing the other day at the Mountbatten House in Highlands and so I went.
If you recall the country singer Gentleman Jim Reeves, it was his niece singing his songs. She also spoke of his life and career. Entertaining indeed, as Jim Reeves was one of the best. He was kilt in his airplane and his piano player was with him in the crash, July 31, 1964 @ age 39.
Then I had lunch with two friends several days later in Crosby and remembered one of them was from Jim Reeves’ home town up in the deep east Texas town of (Galloway) Carthage. I told her of going to listen to one of his relatives sing his songs. She told us that her aunt dated Jim Reeves. Said all he wanted to do was “play that damn guitar”.
Broke bread a while back with a piano player and book writer from Ace, Texas who was telling me stories of Faron Young. Said he knew him back when; said he picked him up at the airport and took him places when he came to town.
Faron Young was from just up the road where Jim Reeves is from and that is Shreveport, Louisiana. They might have even drank from the same creek, you reckon?
Fresh branch water was good back in the early 50’s. Drank a lot of it as a chap down by the bridge going toward the river.
That branch was close to my Grand Pa’s pea patch and sugar cane. A little opening in the brush led to the short walk by water’s edge. Maybe two feet wide, the stream ran through sand three inches deep with clear shaded cool water in the bottoms near the Chattahoochee River.
Much cooler down in that shaded stream area than picking peas with all those bees and wasps flying around.
There was a jar upside down on a stick so you could dip it and get a drink without getting grit in the jar.
Wouldn’t do that with Goose Creek that runs behind my house. I’ve seen plenty of animal life in the creek as well as a deer carcass off the bridge on Cedar Bayou Lynchburg. Thanks to some poacher probably.